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A few essential business verbs and nouns Part V


  1. add
  • Could you add these terms to our contract, please?
  1. call
  • I was called to a meeting this evening.
  1. choose
  • They chose Robert to be the new department manager.
  1. divide
  • They divided the money equally after their firm was sold.
  1. drop
  • She dropped her phone in the middle of the meeting.
  1. fall
  • Salaries are expected to fall by 10 percent due to the economic crisis.
  1. inform
  • I informed the manager about the issues we have with that project.
  1. install
  • Our data is at risk. We have to install a new security system.
  1. invoice
  • The company will invoice you whenever you buy a product from us.
  1. manage
  • We have to manage all this work by the end of the week!
  1. mention
  • Can you mention my ideas to your leader?
  1. process
  • Your application to study abroad takes 30 days to process.
  1. promise
  • The leader has promised that he will raise the salaries by the end of the month.
  1. reach
  • We reached the conclusion that there is nothing we could do about the leadership change.
  1. remove
  • He has been removed from the firm.


  1. budget
  • We don’t have a budget to buy new types of equipment this year.
  1. costs
  • Our advertising costs are too high – we need to cut them.
  1. confirmation
  • We only have one confirmation for the booking.
  1. employee
  • The number of employees is lower this year.
  1. employer
  • Could you send me a reference about you from your former employer?
  1. facilities
  • We provide some of the best recreational facilities for our workers.
  1. fall
  • There was a fall in the price of petrol last month.
  1. guarantee
  • There is no guarantee our meeting will lead to a deal.
  1. industry
  • Our Government is trying to attract industry to our town by increasing the number of funds in the area.
  1. payment
  • I haven’t received any receipt for my payment.
  1. promotion
  • Did you get the promotion you wanted?
  1. reminder
  • Could you send him a final reminder about his payment?
  1. report
  • Is the company’s annual report ready?
  1. result
  • What is the financial result of our project?
  1. support
  • I signed a petition in support of the campaign to end the deforestation in our country.