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Hammy and Chipy in the Savanna

Hammy and Chipy have met the Moon.

‘Chipy, the Moon is a fine lady!’ Look, she is so nice and smiles so friendly!’

‘Hammy, the Moon is not a lady.  And it is not a ‘she’, the Moon is like a star or something!’

Right then the Moon looked at Chipy and smiled again.

‘Wow, have you seen?! The Moon smiled at me…. how could it smile?!’, asked Chipy wondering.

‘Because she is nice and friendly. Now let’s talk to her!’, said Hammy very confidently.

‘Hi, we are Hammy and Chipy, at home we have another friend, a very small one, Mousy, and we have the Old Lady, we call her Granny. She is the Lady of the House, which means she is very important, you know. We are very happy to meet you!’

‘Hi, my little ones! I am very glad to meet you, too.’ answered the Moon, smiling.

‘You know, we have drawn a rocket and then, all of a sudden, the rocket flew.’ explained Chipy proudly.

‘This means that you are pilots now, you can fly where ever you want…’ said the Moon. ‘Where would you like to go?’

Hammy and Chipy looked at each other for a moment, they had no idea where to go, then they asked the Moon:

‘We don’t know where to fly, but you can see the whole world from your place! Can you, please, tell us where can we find some very interesting things?’ asked Hammy the Moon.

‘Interesting things, hm?! Well, let’s see…there is a place, with very high trees, I can see a very strange animal there…’ started the Moon.

‘What? What? Tell us more! Is it big or small? Good or bad?’ asked Chipy.

‘Actually, it is good, but it is a very strange one…it has a long, long neck, and a small head.’ said the Moon.

‘Let’s fly there, where is it, I want to go’ cried Hammy very impatiently.

‘It lives in savanna areas in Africa, it is called ‘Giraffe’, explained the Moon.

Hammy and Chipy started their travel to the savanna. It was very far, but their good friend, the Moon, guided them all the way there and the rocket was very fast.

‘Wow, Chipy, look! That animal is higher than the tree over there!’ said Hammy. ‘It must be a giant from the old stories. And how funny it moves its legs…!’ said Hammy.

‘Oh, yeah, you are right, it moves both legs on one side of the body and then both legs on the other side…what a funny way to walk!!!’

‘Do you think we can speak to it? We are so small, even our rocket is only as long as the Giraffe’s ears, do you think it can hear us?’ asked Hammy.

‘I don’t know, Hammy, I am a little afraid, do you see how long is its tongue?  What if…?’ said Chipy trembling. ‘And where can we land? We can’t talk to it from the rocket. We need to go out.’

‘Let’s land on her head!’ proposed Hammy feeling full of courage.

‘It is very dangerous, Hammy, no!’ answered Chipy, but Hammy landed the rocket and got out of it. Now they are on the giraffe’s head.

“Hi, you two! Finally, you’ve landed, where are you coming from, and what’s that you call a rocket?’ asked the Giraffe in a very kind voice.

‘Hey, you’ve heard us, we come from a very far country, in the East, our good friend, the Moon, told us about you and we came to meet you. Would you like to be our friend?’

This is how our dear friends, Hammy and Chipy, became good friends with the Giraffe, in the savanna, they spent some time together, talking and playing, meeting other friends till their friend, the Moon, told them that it was time to go back home. Granny was worried and Mousy waited for them to hear about the trip.

See you next time, my little ones! With a new adventure of Hammy and Chipy.