Model Starters Pre-A1 - Proba de Listening –
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Model Starters Pre-A1 – Proba de Listening

V-am promis o saptamana plina de probe pentru fiecare nivel in parte, asadar iata un model creat de noi pentru a exersa pentru proba de Listening. 

Acesta poate fi descarcat de aici:

Proba de Listening – Starters Pre-A1

Dupa descarcarea modelului in pdf, pentru fiecare parte, trebuie descarcate urmatoarele audio:

Partea I

Partea a II-a

Partea a III-a

Partea a IV-a


Iar aici este Scriptul pentru partea de Listening:


Part I

Look at Part I.
Now look at the picture.
Listen and look, then choose the correct name.

This is an example.
Look! My family is in the kitchen.
Oh, yes. Who is that girl? She’s got red hair.
That’s my sister, Mary.
She’s beautiful.
Yes, she is.

1. Those cookies smell delicious! Who’s that boy?
That’s Marcus, my brother.
Did he bake them himself?
Yes, he is a great cooker.

2. My father is wearing a blue pullover and he is helping Mum in the kitchen.
Oh, I see. That pullover suits him.
Yes, and it is also comfortable and casual. I love his style!
I bet you do! What’s his name?
His name is Joe. My grandpa named him after his father.
Oh, great!

3. Who is the old lady serving soup?
That’s my grandma, Betty. She is taking so much care of us.

4. My mother, Sophia, is cooking. She’s wearing a pink blouse.
Yeah, I see her. The soup smells delicious. She knows what she’s doing.
My Mum always cooks for us, she is very nice.

5. What about your grandpa?
His name is Jonathan. He is the man who is wearing glasses. He is always happy when is surrounded by his family.
You are very lucky to have this family!
Yes, I am.

Part II

Look at the picture.
Listen and write a name or a number.
There are two examples.
What is the girl’s name?
How old is she?
10 years old

1. Who is near Mia?
2. How many goats are at the farm?
3. Who is protecting the chickens?
4. How many chickens are at the farm?
5. What is Mia favourite animal?


1. Is that a goat near you?
Yes, it’s my goat, Bunny. My grandpa lets me take care of her.
Okay, that’s great.

2. We have over 10 animals here at the farm.
How many of them are goats?
We only have one goat. The rest of them died last year.
I am so sorry about that.
Me too.

3. I see a hen and a rooster near the chickens. What are they doing?
They are protecting the chickens.
From who?
There is a magpie who steals them.
Oh, you’re right.

4. How many chickens are at the farm?
We only have these 3 now. The rest grew up and became hens and roosters and we have over 20 of each.

5. Is the goat your favourite animal?
No, it’s not the goat. My favourite animal is the dog.
Where is it?
Rex is not here, he is at my house in Bucharest.


Part III

Listen and tick the box.

There is one example.
Hi Mum, where is Tim?
Hi darling, I don’t know, isn’t he at the market?
No, dad is at the market. Maybe he went to the park?
I have no idea about that.
Hei Linda, have you seen Tim?
Yes, he is going to school. Don’t worry about him.

1. Where is Sam? Did he complete his running work-out?
Yes, he did. He is in the kitchen.
Is he playing?
No, he is eating.He will play football later.

2. My family and I are planning a trip for a long time, but we postponed it again.
I am so sorry to hear that! Do you have any plans for today? Do you want to go biking together? My family wants to go out.
We can do that tomorrow. Now we are having lunch and then we’ll go to the hospital to check on my grandpa.
Okay, see you tomorrow then!

3. Kids, please, don’t run through the house!
Yes, Mum!
Oh my God! There is a banana on the floor! Pick it up fast before someone slips on it.
Sure! It’s good Mum didn’t see it!
Yes, she would be very angry!

4. Have you met Tim’s teacher?
Yes, I have. He is a young, tall man wearing a blue shirt, a tie, and glasses. He seems a nice person and he is full of knowledge.
That’s great.

5. Darling, have you seen my laptop?
No, I haven’t.
I need it, can you help me find it?
Sure. Kids, have you seen Mum’s laptop?
Yes, I saw it in the living room.
Thank you, kiddo!

Part IV
Look at the picture.
Now listen and colour.

1. Can you see the squirrel?
Yes, I can. There’s an apple near it.
That’s right. Colour the apple green.

2. Can I colour another apple?
Yes. Which one would you like to colour?
The boy’s got an apple.
Yes, he has.
Can I colour it orange?
Yes, OK.

3. Look! There are apples on the right tree!
Yes. Make them red.
OK, I love that colour!

4. There are apples in the basket, too!
OK. Colour them yellow.

5. Look at the picnic objects. Do you see any apple?
Where? Oh! It’s there. On the blanket.
Would you like to colour that apple?
Yes. Can I do it blue? I like that colour.
OK. They look great now!
Thank you!