Model Starters Pre-A1 - Simulare Proba Speaking –
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Model Starters Pre-A1 – Simulare Proba Speaking

Am pregatit un video pentru Proba de Speaking – Starters, sub forma de dialog, pentru a vedea exact cum decurge o astfel de proba.

Simulare Proba de Speaking

Part I

Examiner: Hello. My name’s Jane. What’s your name?

Child: Hello. My name is Fred.

Examiner: Look at this. It’s a beautiful night. The kids are camping.


Kids Camping 2

Examiner: Here’s the moon.

Where’s the lake?

Fred: Here.

Where are the tents?

Fred: There.

That’s right, very good.


Now look at these. (Pointing to Object cards)

Object list


Which is the frog?

I’m putting the frog on a lily pad in the lake.

Now you put the frog on the rocks behind the children.

Is this a flashlight? (pointing to the flashlight)


Put the flashlight between the girls with long hair.

Is this a food bag? (pointing to the food bag)

Put it near the yellow tent.

Are these the bottles of water?

Put them in front of the boy with black hair.

Part II

Examiner: Now, what’s this?

Child: It is a tent.

Examiner: What colour is it?

Child: Yellow.

Examiner: How many tents are there? Are there two? Three?

Child: Two.

Examiner: What’s the children doing?

Child: They are making a campfire.

Examiner: Tell me about this girl. (pointing to the girl)

Child: The girl has red hair that is braided. She is wearing a T-shirt and long jeans, along with brown shoes.

Examiner: Great, now let’s go on.

Part III

Pick out 4 Object cards.

  1. Examiner: What’s this?

Child: A radio.

Examiner: Do you have a radio at home?

Child: Yes.

Examiner: How many?

Child: Only one.

  1. Examiner: What’s this?

Child: A dog.

Examiner: Do you like dogs?

Child: Yes.

Examiner: What colour is the dog?

Child: Brown.

  1. Examiner: What’s this?

Child: A banana

Examiner: Do you like bananas, Fred?

Child: Yes.

Examiner: What do you eat for lunch?

Child: Pasta.

  1. Examiner: What are these?

Child: Jeans.

Examiner: Do you wear jeans at school?

Child: Yes.

Examiner: What do you wear at home?

Child: A T-shirt and shorts.

Examiner: Good.

Part IV

Examiner: Now, Fred, what is your favorite thing about camping?

Child: Exploring nature.

Examiner: What is your must-have camping item?

Child: A flashlight.

Examiner: What is your favourite meal?

Child: Grilled steak with mashed potatoes.

Examiner: OK. That’s all. Thank you. Goodbye, Fred!

Child: Goodbye.