Useful expressions - when you must apologise –
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Useful expressions – when you must apologise

1. Sorry! Or  I am sorry!  Or Pardon me! – a short apology for small mistakes like: bumping into people or something similar. Otherwise it is too weak.

A. Sorry!

B. It’s alright!

2. I’m so sorry. I’m very sorry. I’m terribly sorry. – these ways of apology express a stronger meaning. The strongest one is „terribly”  / formal and informal

3. Ever so sorry. – this is a formal apology, at work or other formal situations.

A. Johnson, you have sent me a report about the new customers contracts, but here is the Accounts payable office.

B. Oh, ever so sorry! I’ve sent it to a wrong address!

4. How stupid of me.

How careless of me.

How thoughtless of me.

All these ones are informal, we criticise ourselves because of our mistake.

A. Have you bought the flowers and the present for your sister birthday?

B. Oh, I have forgotten! How careless of me.

5. That’s my fault. Or Sorry. It is/was all my fault.

We apologise and take all the responsibility for the mistake.

6. Please excuse my ignorance – this is a stronger apology, when somebody expects you to know something and you don’t.

A. I’d like to order online the final novel of the Harry Potter Series, do you know the title?

B. Please excuse my ignorance, I don’t!

7. Please don’t be mad at me. Very informal, a stronger apology, for a big mistake!

8. Please accept our   – this is a usually used in formal emails or letters.

We can use the word ‘sincerest’ to make it stronger and very formal:

Please accept our sincerest apologies.