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Mein Verrücktes Zimmer – Album muzical -Curs de limba germana

Deutsch für Anfänger – mit Musik und attraktiven Lektionen, 3D Graphik Animationen

Learn German with music and very nice lessons by listening, repeating and participating. Sing with our band, dance with them, read and learn the vocabulary you have both in their songs and in the lessons.

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There are 6 courses. Each course contains three videos, the first one is a video clip with music and 3D animation, the other 2 films are lessons, the first one contains a lot of sentences related to the first one topic and the second contains the vocabulary: nouns and verbs with pictures.

There are also .pdf files with the whole lesson and beautiful illustrations, you can download them on your computer.

Das Team

Komponistin: Laura Elena Bularda

Sängerin: Mara Roșioară

3D-Grafikdesigner: Albert Cristian Buchsbaum
2D-Grafikdesignerin: Mariana Emilia Neaga

Verse und Lektionen: Denissa Gabriela Bularda

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  1. Your kid has the advantage of learning German through music, which is the most enjoyable way of learning. It is funny and attractive, it gives pleasure and acceptance to learn the language.
  2. The subtitles help you to match the sound and the written form of the words.
  3. After a funny session of dancing and singing, the lessons are easily accepted and provide the kid with a very rich and useful vocabulary ready to be practiced. It is taken from everyday life.
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