Curs engleză conversațională -

Curs engleză conversațională

Curs engleză conversațională

Conversational English new ONLINE course!

We know it’s hard for you to improve your speaking when you live in a place where English isn’t spoken much, but you need English at work so it is important to practise it!
Here is an interesting conversational course where you can develop your speaking and communication abilities. No focus on grammar.
Each Monday from 18:30 to 20:00 we exercise English by speaking, commenting, listening to audios and videos!
Monday’s group is full now, so register for Thursday!
Understand but can’t speak English fluently?
Need help?
Practice is the answer! We prepare another conversational English course for you to speak in real-time! So practice it with us! 
improve your SPEAKING and your COMMUNICATION abilities now and build up confidence!
Now it’s the right time to do it!
If you are looking for a group where to develop your conversational skills, then join our classes! Very small groups of warm and nice people who gather once a weak to practice speaking!


  • Individual Session –  85 lei
  • 1 session of 90 minutes every week
  • 4 sessions = 340 lei