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10 Phrasal Verbs related to Christmas

  1. Catch up with

Meaning: To talk to someone you have not seen for a long time, to find out what he/she has been doing.

Example: At Christmas, we always catch up with our family.

  1. Hang up

Meaning: To attach something, usually a piece of clothing.

Example: Hang up your socks on the fireplace, Santa will come tonight.

  1. Meet up

Meaning: To meet someone in order to do something

Example: On Christmas Day we meet up at my parents’ house.

  1. Put up

Meaning: To attach something to a wall or tree…

Example: We put up all the Christmas decorations last night.

  1. Raise up “your glasses”

Meaning: To hold your glasses to make a toast, to wish somebody happiness.

Example: On Christmas night we all raise our glasses to make a toast for all we have.


  1. Set up

Meaning: To prepare or organise some kind of equipment so that it’s ready to use.

Example: Did you set up your Christmas lights inside the house? I don’t see any outside!

  1. Sing along

Meaning: To sing a song with somebody who is already singing.

Example: My daughter started singing a Christmas song and soon after that all her friends sang along.

  1. Stay up “late”

Meaning: Not to go to bed, stay awake longer…

Example: If you stay up late tonight, Santa won’t show up with your gifts.

  1. Take down

Meaning: to remove something, down is a direction, the decorations are somewhere up.

Example: How will you take down all these decorations when Christmas is over?

  1. Wrap up

Meaning: To cover a present or something with paper.

Example: I wrapped up the gifts this morning, I’ll put them near the Christmas Tree tonight.