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15 Sales-related Business English Expressions

1. Close a deal: To successfully complete a sales transaction or secure a sale.

Example: After weeks of negotiations, the sales representative was able to close the deal and secure a large contract with the client.

2. Follow up: To continue communication or contact with a prospect or customer after an initial interaction.

Example: The salesperson promised to follow up with the potential customer after the initial meeting to address any questions or concerns they may have.

3. Pitch a product/service: To present or promote a product or service to a potential customer.

Example: The sales team prepared a compelling presentation to pitch their new software solution to the prospective client.

4. Prospect/client/customer: Terms used to refer to individuals or companies who may be interested in purchasing a product or service.

Example: The salesperson identified several promising prospects who could benefit from their consulting services.

5. Generate leads: To identify or generate potential customers or sales opportunities.

Example: The company implemented a targeted marketing campaign to generate leads and attract potential customers to their website.

6. Exceed targets: To achieve or surpass sales goals or objectives.

Example: The sales team celebrated their success after exceeding their quarterly sales targets by 20%.

7. Negotiate a deal: To engage in discussions and reach an agreement on terms, pricing, or conditions of a sale.

Example: The sales team negotiated a deal with the client, finding a mutually agreeable price and terms for the product purchase.

8. Sales pitch: A persuasive presentation or speech aimed at convincing a prospect to buy a product or service.

Example: The sales representative delivered an engaging sales pitch, highlighting the unique features and benefits of their product.

9. Upsell: To persuade a customer to purchase additional or upgraded products or services.

Example: The sales associate successfully upsold the customer to a premium package by showcasing the additional features and added value it offered.

10. Cold calling: Making unsolicited phone calls or visits to potential customers to initiate sales.

Example: The sales team spent a significant portion of their day cold calling potential clients to introduce their new line of products.

11. Sales pipeline: The visual representation of the sales process, including potential customers at different stages of the buying journey.

Example: The sales manager reviewed the sales pipeline to assess the progress of each potential customer and prioritize follow-up actions.

12. B2B (Business-to-Business) sales: Sales activities conducted between two businesses, rather than between a business and individual consumers.

Example: The company’s sales department focused on B2B sales, targeting other businesses as their primary customers.

13. Customer retention: The efforts made to keep existing customers and encourage repeat purchases.

Example: The company implemented a customer retention program, offering exclusive discounts and personalized support to keep existing customers satisfied and loyal.

14. Value proposition: The unique benefits or advantages that a product or service offers to customers.

Example: The salesperson emphasized the cost savings, increased efficiency, and improved productivity as the value proposition of their software solution.

15. Sales target: A specific sales goal or objective set for a particular period of time.

Example: The sales team set a monthly sales target of 50 units and worked diligently to achieve and exceed it by the end of the month.


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