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3 Modele de test Intensiv Engleza cu variante de răspuns – Admitere in clasa a 5-a

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Aceste modele de test Intensiv Engleza pentru clasa a 5-a vă arată, în sfârșit, CUM se rezolvă și acele cerințe ca redactarea unor compuneri în maxim 75 de cuvinte, descriere de tablou, dialoguri, nu numai cerințele de gramatică.
Ai mai jos 3 variante de examen cu toate răspunsurile, inclusiv cu redactările de text necesare. Oferă-i-le copilului tău și, dacă îi plac, achiziționează produsul întreg cu variante, urmând link-ul de la finalul modelului. Sunt teste de antrenament foarte eficiente pentru copilul care trebuie să ia un examen atât de serios.

Teste Online Intensiv Engleza – Admitere in clasa a 5-a – MODELUL 1 – VARIANTA 1


Write about your holiday plans. You can start like this: “This holiday I’ll…“. Write about:

– where will you go

– who will come with you

– the people you will meet

– how you will travel

Do not write more than 50 -75 words.

Here is an example of composition:

model 1 varianta 1 example composition 1 


Etapa I

  1. Read the following text:

 model 1 varianta 1

Answer the following questions:

  1. Where is Marc now?
  2. How is everything around?
  3. What are there in the country?
  4. Who are Marc’s best friends?

Here are the answers:

  1. Marc is in the country.
  2. Everything around is very different than home.
  3. There are houses with large gardens full of vegetables and yards full of poultry, orchards with apple trees and grapevine.
  4. My best friends here are a dog and a cat.

Etapa II:

You are A:

Tell B something about your best friend: describe him/her and say why he/she is your best friend.

Ask B questions about his/her best friend. (Age, what he/she looks like, why he/she is your best friend)

You are B:

Answer A’s questions about your best friend. (Age, what he/she looks like, why he/she is your best friend)

Ask A about her/his sister/brother/cousin. (Age, what he/she looks like, your relationship)


Here is an example:

A: Do you have a friend that you always call when you feel alone? Mine is Susan, she is my best friend!

B: I do, thanks to my best friend I can get through anything. How is Susan? How does she look like?

A: Susan is very pretty. She is taller than me, but shorter than you. She has long brown hair and big green eyes. Susan is ten years old, but she is already in the 5th grade.

B: Why is she your best friend?

A: Susan is my best friend because I can always count on her. She is always by my side. And besides that, we have many things in common. We both like to draw, to dance and to watch the same TV shows. She is almost as special to me as my sister.

B: I am sure that Susan is a wonderful person. What about your sister? How is your relationship?

A: I have an elder sister, she is 15. I love her very much. Sometimes we sleep in the same room just to spend more time together. Our relationship is strong, but there are times when I prefer Susan because Annie, my sister, doesn’t always understand me.

B: What do you mean?

A: Let me give you an example. We fight every Saturday because she prefers a boring documentary instead of a Disney movie.

B: I understand. She is already an adult. It’s good that you have Susan.

A: Yes, I’m really lucky to have her as my best friend. What about your best friend? What is she like?

B: My best friend’s name is Marie. She is only 9. I know her very well. She lives next to me. She is blonde and has small blue eyes. She always wears the same jacket because she thinks that it brings her good luck. She smiles really often and she has always chocolate in her pockets.

A: How nice that she is your neighbour too. I find this a very unique situation. Why is she your best friend?

B: Marie makes me very happy. Since I know her, even my parents say that I am a better person. We never get into fights and we act like sisters. Sometimes we eat at each other’s home and feel like we belong there.

A: This sounds like a beautiful friendship!

Test Intensiv Engleza – Admitere in clasa a 5-a – MODELUL 2 – VARIANTA 1

model 2 varianta1 captura


1. Read the text and answer the questions, please! Citiți textul următor și răspundeți la întrebări:

model 2 varianta 1


  1. What is the weather like?
  2. Where is the hotel?
  3. What are Diana and her family doing in the evening?


2. Choose the wrong one in the line:

1. What will mum make for lunch?

Soup, steak, toy, sandwich

2. Where should you go to buy some bread?

Supermarket, Backer’s, shoemaker’s, hypermarket

3. What should you put on the table?

Salt, plates, bags, food

4. What should you buy to drink?

Water, juice, bread, milk

5. Where should you store the meat?

Fridge, freezer, living room, cellar

6. What will you eat at breakfast?

Milk, bread and butter, glass, eggs



3. Descrieți imaginea de pe bilet (unde se află oamenii, ce fac ei, cum arată, cum sunt îmbrăcați, cum este vremea, ce anotimp credeți că este, ce altceva mai vedeți în imagine).


  1. Fiecare elev va alege un bilet de examen, se va așeza într-o bancă din clasă și va avea aproximativ 15 minute la dispoziție pentru a-și formula răspunsul. După aceea, el va fi examinat de comisie.
  2. Subiectele vor fi alcătuite pe baza Programei școlare pentru limba engleză – clasa a IV-a.

Model 2 Varianta1 Proba orala exercitiu 3


1. 1. The weather is hot and sunny.

2. The hotel is next to the sea.

3. They go for a long walk, have some ice-cream or drink fruit juice.

2. 1. toy

2. shoemaker’s

3. bags

4. bread

5. living room

6. glass

3. Exemplu de descriere:

This is a beautiful summer landscape. There are two children, a girl and a boy, on a beach. They are playing volleyball. The girl is wearing a pink blouse, black trousers and red shoes and the boy is wearing a red T-shirt, blue trousers and white sport shoes. They smile, I think they are having fun together.

We can see the beautiful sea behind them. The water is light blue, there are starfish on the sand, two palm trees on the left of the picture and an island on the right. The sky is blue, it is a little cloudy. The ball is orange like a basketball one.

I think they are on holiday.

Test Intensiv Engleza – Admitere in clasa a 5-a – MODELUL 3 – VARIANTA 1


1. Read the following text and choose the right answers. (Citiți textul următor și alegeți răspunsul corect)

model 3 varianta 1


1. How old is Laura?

A. She is 10.

B. She is 11.

C. She is 6 years old.

2. What is Laura’s hobby?

A. sport

B. writing

C. teaching

3. What is her father’s job?

A. He is an engineer.

B. He works as a teacher

C. He loves writing.

4. She has got …

A. two sisters

B. one sister

C. two brothers

2. Circle the correct item (încercuiți soluția corectă):

1. My mother …. an engineer. She is a teacher.

A. is

B. are

C. isn’t

2. …you dance?

A. Can

B. Are

C. Have

3. Her uncle’s son is her …

A. cousin

B. father

C. brother

4. Laura’s sister is only six, but she’s very … for her age.

A. intelligent

B. cute

C. red-haired

5. …she got a black cat or a black dog?

A. Have

B. Haven’t

C. Has

6. …she work in a school?

A. Do

B. Does

C. Are

7. My mother can’t …a bicycle, she takes the bus.

A. riding

B. rides

C. ride

8. Bring me … pencils, please!

A. this

B. those

C. that

9. Our … are playing in front of the school.

A. child

B. childrens

C. children

10. What … in the kitchen now?

A. do you do

B. are you doing

C. you do

11. There … four bowls in the kitchen, can you bring them?

A. is

B. has

C. are

12. Jane is … England not ….Romania.

A. from

B. into

C. at

13. Excuse me, is this … mobile phone or Diana’s?

A. your

B. you’re

C. yours

14. My parents … TV every evening.

A. watch

B. watches

C. are watching

15. My sister never … to school in the afternoon, only in the morning.

A.doesn’t go

B. goes

C. going

3. Choose the most suitable answer:

1. We always………… school by tram every morning.

A. go

B. are going

C. going

2. My sister ………………….an email now.

A. write

B. reads

C. is reading

3. My father is………………..than my mother.

A. short

B. taller

C. tall

4. Look at the sky! It……………..rain.

A. will

B. is going to

C. are going to

5. There isn’t………………food in the fridge right now; we should go to the market.

A. no

B. any

C. some

6. My birthday is ………………….. February 15th.

A. in

B. on

C. at

7. This car is not ours. It’s………..

A. their

B. theirs

C. their’s

8. ………………………..test is this? I think it’s John’s. He writes so beautifully.

A. whose

B. who’s

C. whos

9. Which…………………… you prefer: science fiction, fantasy or detective ones?

A. storys

B. stories

C. stories

10. ……………………………aren’t my keys. Mine are right here in my hand.

A. These

B. That

C. This


  1. 1-B, 2-B, 3-A, 4-B
  1. 1-C, 2-A, 3-A, 4-A, 5-C, 6-B, 7-C, 8-B, 9-C, 10-B, 11-C, 12-A, 13-A, 14-A, 15-B
  1. 1-A, 2-C, 3-B, 4-B, 5-B, 6-B, 7-B, 8-A, 9-C, 10-A

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