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A feast with Friends

The snow sparkles on the window. Through the glass a lonely man is looking, hoping to see at least one human soul at the gate.

It‘s Christmas Eve and the sun sets slowly above his house… The lights that enchantingly adorn the city will light up soon.

„The day is almost over and not even one phone call did I get.”, he whispers sadly to himself.

„I was always there for them when they asked me to. And now, when we could have spent a few days together, they declined my invitation, either because they don‘t have the time or because they can‘t come… And today, not even a mere phone call?!”

A few streets away, just as sad, a cat is looking from a car at the setting sun.

„Meow. I am so hungry…! I haven‘t eaten for three days. Maybe this is my last day…! All that is left for me is to sing so that I can keep myself warm. Meow, meow, meow!”

„Woof, woof! Cat, you‘re waking up the whole neighbourhood!”

„Meow, you’ve scared me! Please, please don‘t eat me..”

„Woof! And what would I win if I ate such a skinny cat like you? Rather than stay here and freeze, let‘s go somewhere better!”

And so the cat follows the dog, in its fur, keeping each other warm.

„Meow. Is that a crow? Dog, quickly! I know it doesn‘t taste that good, but come on, let‘s run and eat it! I am starving, I would eat anything!”

„Cat…! Ah! Let‘s wait and see if we can still save her…!”

Both discover that the bird is still breathing. The dog sits lightly on it to warm it.

„I don‘t understand you!”, complains the cat, „Do you want us to die of hunger?!”

„Understand, puss. You will not survive three months of winter on a single crow. Like I spared your life, you too, please, leave her in peace!”

The crow has heard all this. With great pleasure, it joins them.

The three continue their journey when suddenly, the crow takes flight and leaves. After a short while, it comes back with a mouse in its beak.

„Kraa! Kraa! Kraa! I saw this little one warming itself at a sewer cap. It was without a mum to protect it and with nobody on the street. I felt sorry for it. Kraa!”

„So…so…sorry?”, asks the tiny mouse, „Peep, peep! A crow and a cat and a dog, in winter, don‘t want to eat me?!”

„It‘s my last winter…”, answers the cat gently. „And I don‘t want to spend it desperately, eating everyone I find, when this would gain me only a few hours of life.”

„But by standing together…”, the crow continues, „we spend our last days among friends.”

The dog is profoundly impressed by these words. Not finding anyone else, he leads his new friends in front of a house and tells them his story:

„Woof, woof, listen to me carefully! I know a very good man, who his entire life has helped his loved ones. For this Christmas, he prepared a big meal, to enjoy it together with his whole family and friends and everyone he knows! Everyone has free time these days, but nobody came to him, not even a single person passed his threshold, not even one called him.

Then this sad, but also upset, man, said to his friend:

The meal is getting cold, the entire house is decorated with lights and is full of candles, but… without the guests! Go, please, on all streets and to every sewer cap, and gather all who wish to take part in my joy!

„Does this man perhaps live here?”, notices the cat with big eyes a beautifully decorated house.

„Woof, exactly here. And the human in the story is my master. It was me, whom he sent, I am his friend. Please, come in. You are his guests.

And the food is all based on plants and with all nutrients that each one of you needs. I am happy to have you as my new friends!”

Through the window full of snow, where a lonely man used to be, a group of friends can now be seen, fellows which otherwise wouldn‘t have communicated… but love has brought them together.