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A few essential business verbs and nouns part II


  1. accept
  • I accept full responsibility for my decisions during our collaboration.
  1. admit
  • Airline companies admitted last week that the pandemic crisis is affecting business travel.
  1. borrow
  • My company had to borrow the money from the bank for the new equipment.
  1. calculate
  • Did they calculate how long the project will take to complete? We need it as soon as possible!
  1. check
  • I would like to know how much money do I have. Could you check my bank balance, please?
  1. count
  • Are all the votes counted yet?
  1. decide
  • The top manager decided to sell this company.
  1. employ
  • How many people can we employ as assistants for the Marketing Department?
  1. improve
  • The company has improved a lot of conditions for its workers this year.
  1. maintain
  • The roads in my village are not maintained at all.
  1. order
  • The leader ordered him to leave the conference room.
  1. pack
  • Pack these documents and send them by post.
  1. raise

Our director plans to raise our salaries.

  1. respond
  • You have to respond to the President email today.
  1. split
  • The company’s members split down the middle regarding the new leader.


  1. advice
  • The agent issued an advice of sale regarding our headquarters building.
  1. brand
  • We had trouble deciding which brand to build.
  1. change
  • This magazine costs $16 and you gave me $20, so here’s your $4 change.
  1. customer
  • Mrs Smith is a satisfied customer, she always buys from us.
  1. deficit
  • My company reported a deficit of nearly $1 million.
  1. distribution
  • What are the distribution costs for these resources?
  1. environment
  • I work in a very dynamic environment, everything can happen.
  1. experience
  • Do you have any experience in Marketing?
  1. factory
  • Our food factory is top 10 in the country.
  1. growth
  • The growth of the Romanian Economy is unlikely to happen this year.
  1. improvement
  • After all our efforts, we had a slight improvement in the economy.
  1. invoice
  • The retailer must issue an invoice for all the goods sold to the company.
  1. knowledge
  • Do you have any knowledge in computers?
  1. permission
  • You will need official permission to build that house near the lake.
  1. risk
  • We may have a security risk, please pay attention to all the data you give through the Internet.