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A few essential business verbs and nouns Part III


  1. advise
  • The lawyer advised us about Education policy.
  1. avoid
  • Try to avoid conflict at workplace, please!
  1. break
  • If you want to work here, follow the rules, don’t break them!
  • Our partner broke his word and resigned.
  1. cancel
  • They had to cancel tomorrow’s meeting because they lost the flight.
  1. confirm
  • Please confirm your payment by signing this paper!
  1. convince
  • Can you convince the bank to fund your idea?
  1. decrease
  • Our sells have decreased a lot this week.
  1. dismiss
  • Your proposal was dismissed by the client, he doesn’t want to invest so much in marketing.
  1. establish
  • Grants will be given to establish a centre for medical research.
  1. increase
  • Our company has to increase the productivity at work, we lose time and money.
  1. invest
  • She invested over $1 million in the company.
  1. lend
  • The bank accepted to lend us $10.000.
  1. lower
  • The employment rate has been lowered again this year.
  1. measure
  • Can you measure the damage done to our company reputation?
  1. separate
  • It’s difficult to separate our offices’ building.


  1. apology
  • I complained to the company for the way I had been treated and all I got was a written apology.
  1. creditor
  • My company is not able to pay the creditor this month.
  1. explanation
  • The manager gave a good explanation for his actions regarding the pollution.
  1. feedback
  • Your article has a positive feedback, well done!
  1. goods
  • Many companies deliver goods through the Internet these days.
  1. interest
  • She has shown an interest in our Education project.
  1. objective
  • What is your objective for the following year?
  1. offer
  • I put an offer of $180.000 for that house, but it was refused.
  1. price
  • The price of cereals has increased lately.
  1. purchase
  • There is no purchase as expensive as a house.
  1. responsibility
  • It’s your responsibility to ensure everything goes fine during our collaboration.
  1. schedule
  • Have you finished doing the schedule of our business expenses?
  1. stock
  • Contact the manufacturer, please! The company is out of stocks.
  1. supply
  • Professionalism is in short supply these days.
  1. target
  • The company’s target of 2.5 percent growth wasn’t accomplished.