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A few essential business verbs and nouns Part IV


  1. build
  • The manager decided to build a brand for the business.
  1. complete
  • Have you completed your CV yet? You have to send it soon.
  1. consider
  • I haven’t considered him as a real specialist!
  1. develop
  • We have to develop new products to maintain the company on the market.
  1. distribute
  • Our organization distributes food for the poor every year.
  1. encourage
  • The efficiency of production should be encouraged, we need quality products.
  1. estimate
  • It is difficult to estimate how many employees we need for the new production line.
  1. extend
  • The President extended the quarantine for a few more days.
  1. fix
  • They couldn’t fix the old equipment so we had to buy a new one.
  1. obtain
  • It’s almost impossible to obtain oil at that price.
  1. owe
  • We still owe $2.000 to the bank.
  1. own
  • I own the entire company.
  1. plan
  • Can you plan our meeting for next week, please?
  1. promote
  • We have to find an interesting way to promote our products.
  1. purchase
  • We’ve purchased ten laptops and 2 computers this month.
  1. recruit
  • My company is trying to recruit some volunteers for a social project, would you like to join us?
  1. reject
  • I’ve applied for that job but I was rejected soon after!
  1. reply
  • Could you reply to that mail, please?
  1. structure
  • We must structure the work program for those working at home.
  1. vary
  • Our profit will vary from year to year.


  1. competition
  • Our companies are in a competition!
  1. competitor
  • Only one competitor can win this prize.
  1. debt
  • Our company couldn’t pay the debt so it became insolvent.
  1. debtor
  • Many students graduate as debtors because of the high taxes.
  1. decision
  • The company will come to a decision by the end of the month.
  1. decrease
  • I haven’t noticed any decrease in the number of participants in our classes.
  1. increase
  • Over 300.000 people from our city got sick lately – an increase of ten percent.
  1. instructions
  • We follow our top management instructions no matter what.
  1. inventory
  • We need to take an inventory of unsold tickets to estimate the losses.
  1. limit
  • There’s a time limit for this project, make sure you finish it!
  1. margin
  • There is not much margin for writing in this job, are you sure it’s what you look for?
  1. option
  • The council chose the cheapest option for our project.
  1. possibility
  • One possibility is to fire him and hire an expert.
  1. preparation
  • They are making a lot of preparations for President visit in our country.
  1. reduction
  • Stores are offering huge reductions this Friday.
  1. retailer
  • James is the company’s top retailer, we couldn’t sell so many electronics without him!
  1. sales
  • Our sales have decreased with 3% this month.
  1. share
  • We have some shares in Tesla.
  1. signature
  • Sir, I need your signature on this contract!
  1. transport
  • The EU decided to grant public transport.