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A few essential business verbs and nouns PART I


  1. advertise
  • It is going to be very expensive to advertise our products on TV.
  1. afford
  • Our sales have been down this year – we can’t afford hiring new people.
  1. approve
  • We have to wait weeks for the Urban Planning Department to approve our project.
  1. authorize
  • Who authorized the architecture of the hotel?
  1. buy
  • The company encouraged people to buy its products by offering them a discount.
  1. charge for
  • How much do you charge for creating this programme?
  1. deliver
  • The documents will be delivered tomorrow.
  1. dispatch
  • A lot of supplies were dispatched to the ship yesterday.
  1. exchange

Can I exchange the money at the hotel? Is there an Exchange Office?

  1. fund
  • The company agreed to fund our social project.
  1. get worse
  • The rate of unemployment is getting worse day by day.
  1. lengthen
  • Proper care will lengthen the life and safety of the railways we’ve just built.
  1. provide
  • Can you provide me more information about this strategy?
  1. resign
  • Many employees resigned as the financial problems of the company got worse.
  1. succeed
  • You have to be an expert in your domain if you want to succeed.


  1. advertiser
  • We need an advertiser to spread a message for our product.
  1. authorization
  • Did you get the authorization to build this house?
  1. bill
  • Sir, if we don’t pay this bill within 3 days, our electricity will be cut off!
  1. commission
  • She gets a 25 percent commission on every client she brings to the bank.
  1. deadline
  • He couldn’t meet the deadline so he got fired.
  1. delivery
  • Our entire department ordered food so the delivery was free.
  1. enquiry
  • I’d like to enquire about those documents, are they ready, have they been signed? There was an enquiry about them last evening!.
  1. goal
  • What’s your company goal?
  1. loss
  • My company suffered a loss of 1 million dollars last year.
  1. market
  • At the meeting, they estimated the potential market for educational software.
  1. order
  • You can change the order of our priorities if you want.
  1. output
  • If you want to increase your company output, you have to use modern technology.
  1. production
  • Rice production has risen a lot in China.
  1. refund
  • When our flight got postponed, we received a refund from the airline company.
  1. turnover

Last year, the company’s turnover was $4 million.