Compound words –
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Compound words

Here are some compound words for your daily use:

  • into = to the inside of; in toward,

I walked slowly into my room.

Put your coat into the wardrobe, please!

Pour some milk into that bowl then a cup of musli!

  • onto = to a place or position on, or when we change the topic of discussion

I put my bag onto the chair and I lied on the bed.

I fell down when I stepped onto the stage.

How do we speak onto this one, now? We are at the budget, not at the quality.

Why is the police onto him, he is innocent. (the police is on his back.) 

Don’t load that software onto my computer!

Dad is onto you because you don’t admit that you have made a mistake.

Don’t be afraid, hold onto my hand! (keep holding something)

  • upon

 = up and on; upward so as to get or be on, as soon as you do something….

She climbed upon her horse and left.

= on the occasion of

My mum was happy upon seeing me married.

Please let me know upon your arrival.

Why do you wear a red coat upon a green blouse?

All this plastic has a disastrous effect upon the environment.

  • herein = in this fact, circumstance; in view of this.

She has no faith things will get better, herein lies the problem.

All the things we have said herein must be remembered by all of us.

  • hereupon = on this, immediately following this, as a result of this.

Hereupon it was revealed the entire truth about her.

I read the whole book and hereupon I fell asleep.

Hereupon their army attacked the fortress and won the battle.

  • hereabout = near this place; in this neighborhood.

There is a huge lake in the city hereabout.

  • hereafter = after this in time or order; at some future time; farther along, from now on

He promised I would be his wife hereafter.

  • thereafter = after that time.

Thereafter they did not meet again.

  • thereby = by that, by means of that, because of that

She dropped the coffee, thereby ruining her T-shirt.

  • therefore = in consequence of that; as a result; consequently

He has broken his leg therefore he can’t play football.

  • therein = in that matter, circumstance, place.

We should have enough evidence therein.

  • theretofore = before / until that time

The doubts he had theretofore made him giving up with his love.

  • throughout = all over, in every part of

This game is having repercussions throughout Asia.

  • wherein = in what/which, in what place, way or respect?

Every day we end up into a situation wherein we argue.

Wherein lies the difference between these stories?

  • whereas = while on the contrary, in contrast or comparison with the fact that

A bad person will spread negativity around, whereas a good person will spread happiness.