Connectives and Linking Words –
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Connectives and Linking Words

Here is a list of the most common connectives and linking words:

  • although

Although it was a beautiful place, the tourist didn’t like it.

  • as a result

The temperature is higher in the summer as a result of global warming.

  • as long as

You can borrow my car as long as you take good care of it.

  • as well as

This company produces laptops as well as mobile phones.

  • at least

Mum, please! Let’s buy at least this teddy-bear!

  • because

I can’t swim now because I am ill.

  • because of

Because of the bad weather we have decided to stay home tonight.

  • both

If you want this job you must speak both English and German.

  • despite

I arrived late at the meeting despite leaving early from home.

  • due to

I arrived late at the meeting due to a traffic jam.

  • during

I started studying people traditions during my stay in Japan.

  • either …. or

You can buy either apples or bananas for breakfast.

  • even though

Even though I like mediteranean food, I rarely eat it.

  • however

Jim phoned me yesterday. However, I was so busy that I couldn’t answer him.

  • in addition

I can speak three languages. In addition, I have ten years of experience with children.

  • in addition to

In addition to his house in London, he has a villa in Scotland.

  • in case

I’ll let the sandwich in the kitchen in case you are hungry.

  • in order to

I do exercises every day in order to be healthy.

  • in other words

Your friend couldn’t speak the languages we asked for this job. In other words, he failed.

  • in spite

In spite of the high temperatures during summer, Egypt is worth visiting.

  • in the meantime

Mum is preparing dinner. In the meantime, let’s play a game!

  • including

We looked for many pets for our child, including Guinea pig.

  • neither …. nor

My husband neither drinks nor smokes.

  • nevertheless

I had already read that book. Nevertheless, the film they made was very interesting.

  • on one hand / on the other hand

On one hand we have to increase our salary, but on the other hand we need to invest more in our products.

  • on the contrary

Our profit won’t increase this year, on the contrary it is going to be very low.

  • otherwise

I hope he arrives soon, otherwise we’ll be late for the meeting.

  • so

I was out of the country last week, so I couldn’t go to the office.

  • so that

We lock our house every night so that nobody can enter.

  • such as

My brother has many hobbies, such as reading, cycling and so on.

  • then

First read the instructions, then you can use this machine.

  • therefore

I was unable to get funding for my project. Therefore I had to quit it.

  • unless

Don’t call me at midnight unless there is a real problem!

  • when

When I arrived home, I lied on the sofa and I felt asleep.

  • whereas

This dress costs $20, whereas the other one is cheaper and looks better.

  • which

This is my new car, which I won in a contest last month.

  • while

While we were travelling, we visited many great buildings.