Cum exprimam o critica, sau un repros in engleza? –
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Cum exprimam o critica, sau un repros in engleza?

Folosim anumite verbe modale (can, could, might sau should/shouldn’t) pentru a exprima o critica, un repros, faptul ca nu suntem de acord cu ceva si pentru o evaluare sau analizare a ceva, de exemplu a unei lucrari.

Trebuie sa tinem cont de faptul ca, atunci cand criticam, putem supara putin, de aceea este nevoie de cateva expresii de politete, cu care sa incepem “critica” noastra.

Criticise sau criticize este un verb care inseamna:

  1. a judeca ceva sau pe cineva cu o dezaprobare in inteles, to judge(something) with disapproval; censure
  2. a evalua sau a analiza ceva, to evaluate or analyse something

Folosind verbele can, could, might sau should/shouldn’t + infinitive, facem referire ori la prezent, ori la viitor astfel:

(Can, could, might and should/shouldn’t + infinitive can be used in order to express criticism, reproach or some disapproval for to present or future time):

  1. Facem referire la prezent: 

Schema este: Could, might and should/shouldn’t + infinitiv

You can be mean sometimes, you know! 
You shouldn’t drink so much Cola!
You might be more hard-working.
Mary is 12 years old, she could take care of her brother, why doesn’t she?

Why are you yelling? You can speak nice to your parents too!

She might pay more attention to her homework!

2. In cele mai multe cazuri, criticam ceva ce s-a intamplat deja, deci facem referire la trecut.

Schema este: Could, might and should/shouldn’t + have + Past Participle

Could, might and should/shouldn’t + perfect infinitive can be used in order to express criticism, disapproval or reproach for something in the past:

should have talked to him earlier, now…..
You shouldn’t have spoken to your parents like that!
You might have told me you needed help!
The  government could really have helped those people!

 Expresii de politete:

Spuneam ca sunt cateva expresii de politete pe care le putem folosi:

I have to say / With respect / With all due respect / To say the least / To put it mildly/ Shall we say? / Don’t get me wrong / How shall I put it? / Let me put it this way /Without wishing to / To be fair / In all fairness / To give someone their due….

I think her behavior at school is a little too immature, to put it mildly.
I consider the food rather greasy, to say the least.

The travel programme seems, shall we say, a little too boring.

Don’t get me wrong, I do like your friends, I just consider that you spend too much time with them.

 Your mother can be, how shall I put it, unkind sometimes.
Let me put it this way, I wouldn’t regret him .

Without wishing to do hurt your feelings, I think you are a little too unkind sometimes.

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