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Hammy and Chipy – English story for children

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Once there were a little mouse, Chipy, and a little white hamster, Hammy. They both lived in the house of an old lady.  The old lady knew only about the hamster, she had no idea that there was another mouse in a hole of the house.

One day, the two little animals met each other.  When the old lady gave Hammy a slice of carrot, Chipy felt the smell and came out of the hole. They shared the carrot and became friends very quickly.  When Chipy found a piece of cheese, he shared it with Hammy.

One day, the old lady decided to take Hammy to school. It was time for him to learn.

But the school was a dangerous place for a hamster and the old lady couldn’t see very well. When she came back to take Hammy home, she took a similar hamster, instead of Hammy. Now Hammy was alone and frightened. Big hamsters surrounded him to steal his food.

Suddenly a hand took him out of the circle. It was Ana’s hand, the granddaughter of the old lady’s neighbour.

Ana took Hammy home and made him a cage. Hammy was desperate, what could he do? He had a lot of food, but he missed his friend Chipy. He wanted home!

One day he got a slice of carrot. He thought very deeply. He wanted to eat the slice, but he remembered that the carrot smell could be felt by his friend.

So he put the carrot at the window and waited ….and waited.

Meanwhile, poor Chipy looked for him in all neighbours’ houses.  Suddenly he felt a smell of carrot and he thought: it is either the neighbour cooks a soup, or…..maybe…my friend is there. “I am going to have a look”.

He found some holes in the walls, then he crept into the room and finally, he found his friend Hammy.

My ending:

“My dear friend, you found me!!!” They were so happy, they cried and hugged each other. Now they had to escape.

Chipy taught Hammy how to get smaller and thinner and then fit through the cage bars. They ran together through the house holes where they met another little mouse who was very hungry. They took him too and went to the old lady’s house.

Meanwhile, the old lady saw that the hamster she took wasn’t hers.

Hers ate carrots and this one didn’t like them at all. So she took him back to school, but couldn’t find little Hammy.

When little Hammy arrived home with Chipy and the little hungry one, the old lady was so happy, that she accepted all three of them.

So now, three happy friends spent a lot of time together eating carrots and playing.

Written by Denissa Gabriela Bularda