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Hammy and Chipy to the Moon

One day, the little Hammy was feeling alone and bored. He had just eaten the last piece of carrot and now he was staying at the window looking outside.

Where could his friend, Chipy, be!? He hadn’t come out of his whole all day.

And it was a long day…

All of a sudden, he heard a little noise in the wardrobe. In the WARDROBE?!

‘Oh, my dear HammyGod!!! The wardrobe was the most forbidden place in the house!!

The Old Lady keeps her most precious things inside there.’

Hammy looked at the wardrobe and saw how the door was opening very very slowly….oh, it couldn’t be a ghost. He was sure about it. Once he watched a TV Show where a boy was acting a ghost wearing a large piece of bed linen on his head…so there was no such thing like a ghost.

‘Hi, Hammy! It’s me, Chipy, don’t worry! Come on, up here! I have found something extraordinary. ‘

‘What?! What is over there? Pay attention! The Old Lady is going to get mad at us!!’

In the wardrobe there were a lot of paints and some painting paper. There were watercolours, oilcolours, many beautiful jars full of paints! Oh, my HammyGod!

‘What a great thing is this!’ said Hammy.

‘Maybe all these were school materials of the Old Lady’s son, when he was in school, he used to paint a lot, who knows!?’ said Chipy

‘Yeah, maybe! Look, I can put my paw into this yellow one and I can draw a line on the paper, look! … and another line … come and see …’

‘This is a rocket, wow! I have painted a rocket!’ cried Hammy.

‘You’re right! It’s a rocket. Everything I could draw was this stupid circle’, said Chipy sadly.

‘No, it is not stupid. It’s not stupid at all. It’s THE MOON!’ said Hammy enthusiastically. ‘You have just drawn the moon and I … a rocket!’

‘If only we could… fly!’

‘Even the little butterfly in the garden is happier than us! cried Chipy. ‘He can fly!’

‘He flies because he has wings! We can also fly, we have a rocket! Maybe we can make it fly. Let’s countdown: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, engage!’

The wardrobe began to tremble, and tremble and tremble.

They opened the door. Suddenly, they were in the rocket, flying!

To the MOON! Let’s fly to the MOON!

That moment the window opened and the rocket got through the garden, through the field, higher and higher and higher!

‘Hammy’, said Chipy a little worried, we have no map. How can we find the moon? It’s daytime!’

But the moon, round and yellow raised in front of them smiling and waving hands.

‘Look! Over there!!! The MOON!!!

The End.