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Hammy, Chipy and the Aurora Borealis

Hammy and Chipy were teaching little Mousy about polar animals. They had a book full of photos of polar bears, polar foxes, arctic wolves, arctic hares and a lot of beautiful birds. Mousy was absolutely delighted.

‘How big is the polar bear! And it is all white!’, said Mousy.

‘Oh, yes, it is the largest land carnivore. Although it is born on land, it spends a lot of time on the sea ice. Polar bears hunt seals to eat. The seals are their preferred food. ‘, explained Hammy.

‘But Hammy, how can the polar bear walk on the ice?! It is huge, doesn’t it break the ice?’ asked Mousy.

‘No, the ice is very, very thick and can keep bears on it’ answered Chipy.

‘Wow, there is so much ice around this bear and no radiator, isn’t it too cold to live in the Arctic, near the North Pole?!’, wondered little Mousy.

‘No, Mousy, the polar bear is not cold. It has a body adapted for cold temperatures, it can very easily move across snow and ice. Nothing happens to it, don’t worry!’, answered Chipy.

Hammy smiled a little, and thought to himself: ‘How small is little Mousy! Radiator at the North Pole!!!’

And then, an idea crossed his mind: ‘Could we possibly go on a trip to the North Pole? I wonder what would our friend, the Moon, say about it?!  Or Granny…Would Granny let us take Mousy, too?! He is indeed very small!’

‘Come, my little ones, come here! I have brought you some very sweet and juicy slices of carrots, a few pieces of cheese and some bread.’ Granny appeared with a small tray full of some flavoured delicacies.

With each day that passed, Hammy was more determined to go on that trip. He spoke to the Moon and to Granny, but both of them were very anxious about the trip:

‘Well, I don’t know! It is too cold there and you are too small, you are going to freeze instantly!’ said Granny very worried.

It took him a while to make Granny accept and when she finally did, they were ready to go.

They got into the rocket and started their adventure to the Arctic near the North Pole.

The Moon was by their side, as always, even she had said NO, she couldn’t let them alone.

‘Now it’s time to land the rocket, guys!’ said the Moon, over there, there is a good place to land, near that fjord.’

They landed the rocket and looked outside:

‘WOW!!!!’ exclaimed Chipy.

‘Oh, my HammyGod!’ said Hammy.  ‘Can you believe your eyes?!’

‘What? What? Why are you two so amazed?!’ asked little Mousy, who also got the permission to come.

‘Look at the sky, Mousy! Look at the sky!’, said Chipy in a lower voice.

‘It’s light!’ is Mousy very sure.

‘….and it dances, yeah, the light that dances!’

‘Well, yes, my dears’, said the Moon, ‘what you see was called “The Dance of the Spirits”.’

‘It’s like a courtain, like many courtains of light. They dance, they constantly move and they change shape…Wow!’, Hammy was astonished.

‘People in Finland thought that these lights were some sparks sent into the sky by the tail of a firefox, which ran over the snow, people in China thought that the lights were flames of two dragons, the dragon of “The Good” and the one of “The Evil”. They thought that the two dragons were battling in the sky.’ explained the Moon.

‘How beautiful are these lights in the sky of Arctic dancing! I wonder if they hear some music?!’ said Chipy.

‘They are greenish! Look over there! They are violet!’ said Hammy.

‘And over there! There, on the right! They are pink…and blue! Wow!’ said Mousy.

‘Moon, what are these lights? come on, tell us, you must know!’ asked Hammy.

‘These are the Northern Lights, they are also called “Aurora”, Aurora was the name of the Roman goddess of the dawn.’ started the Moon.

‘Aurora is the name of Anna’s friend. I’m very sure of that because I hear Anna calling her every day.’ interrupted Mousy.

‘Mousy, please! Let the Moon talk!’ whispered Chipy.

The Moon smiled and continued:

‘This polar light can be seen in the Arctic and Antarctic zones. Here, at the North Pole, it is called “Aurora Borealis” or “The Northern Lights”, and the one around the South Pole is called “Aurora Australis” or “The Southern Lights” …’

‘I could stay here watching it forever! Look! Over there! It comes to us! Let’s catch it!’ cried Mousy happily.

‘The whole sky is dancing! Let’s dance together! Chipy, look, it is like a dragon tail, and here, above us like an arrow, then like a courtain…’

‘I think I can hear music!’ said Chipy, maybe we are in Heaven!’

‘Oh, no, my little ones, you are on the Earth, near the fjord, dancing with The Northern Lights!’

‘Do you think these lights are sent by the huge polar bear we have seen in the book?’ asked Mousy.

‘Well, no, my dears, the lights come from the sun, they are tiny pieces of the sun and they make a stream of particles which travels very fast, it’s like a wind, but a solar wind. When they arrive near the Earth, they are deflected by the Earth, but some of them can get into the atmosphere. And what you see is the effect they have in the air.’

‘And how do you see it from up there?’ asked Hammy the Moon.

‘I see it like a circle, a very beautiful coloured circle around the North Pole.

But now, you have to go back home. Granny must be worried’, said the Moon.

‘And I am very hungry!’ cried Mousy.