Linking Words –
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Linking Words

A. Linking Words: Reason
Formal linking words or phrases:
Due to the fact that + subject + verb
Many children have problems at school due to the fact that all of the lessons were online.
• Owing to the fact that + subject + verb
The customer has rejected the offer owing to the fact that the numbers are unrealistic.

Informal linking words or phrases:

  • Since + subject + verb

I’m going to the library since I need silence to study.

  • As + subject + verb

 I didn’t go to the market today, as I worked long hours.

B. Linking Words: Results

Formal linking word used more in written English:

  1. Consequently

The English teacher married last week, consequently, she took a few days off.

  1. As a consequence

There have been lots of changes at this project, as a consequence, we have to set a meeting to analyse the current state of it.

  1. Thus

We need a new department for the 3D graphic, thus we have to take on extra staff.

  1. Hence

This dress is made of silk and, hence, very exquisite.

  1. For this reason

There is a saint holiday today, for this reason we don’t work.

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