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Model Flyers – Proba de Listening

Am creat un model de test Flyers – Proba de Listening, exact ca la examenul Cambridge, pentru a exersa.

Proba de Listening contine 5 parti – 25 de intrebari.

Modelul poate fi descarcat de mai jos:

Proba de Listening – Flyers

Fisierele audio sunt disponibile mai jos:

Proba de Listening Partea I – Flyers

Proba de Listening Partea a II-a – Flyers

Proba de Listening Partea a III-a – Flyers

Proba de Listening Partea a IV-a – Flyers

Proba de Listening Partea a V-a – Flyers

Raspunsurile sunt disponibile aici:

Descarca Raspunsuri Proba de Listening – Flyers

Iar audio-scriptul este disponibil mai jos:

Listening – Flyers

Part I

Look at Part I.

Now look at the picture.

Listen and look, then choose the correct name.

This is an example.

This is a photo of my friends.

Who are all these children?

Can you see the girl who is jumping on the trampoline?


That’s my best friend. Her name’s Sophia.

  1. And who is the boy next to Sophia?

He is William.

I like his curly hair.

Me too.

  1. Can you see that girl who is reading?

Yes, who is she?

That’s the smartest girl in the class, Katy.

She’s looks nice.

Yes, she is very nice and friendly. She always helps me with my homework whenever I ask for help.

  1. Who’s that in bleu?

The boy who’s playing with the ball?

No, the one on the seesaw. He is wearing a blue T-shirt and jeans.

Oh, he is Joe. He isn’t so friendly. He only plays with his sister.

  1. Who’s the girl on the seesaw?

That’s Caroline, Joe’s sister.

It’s hot outside, why does she wear a red pullover?

She’s cold. She must wear long clothes to protect herself.

Ok, I understand now.

  1. The girl with pink helmet is my cousin.

What’s she called?

Her name is Karen.

I like her bike.

Me too. She loves biking! She goes for a walk every day.

That’s great. Sport is healthy.

Part II

Listen and write. There is one example.

Kid: Excuse me, Ms. Johnson. I have a few questions about the workshop.

Teacher: Of course, go ahead. I’m here to help.

Kid: First, could you please let me know the specific day of the workshop? I want to make sure I have it marked on my calendar.

Teacher: Absolutely! The workshop will be held every Friday, after school.

Kid: Great! Who will be our teacher for this workshop?

Teacher: It won’t be me. It’s a new teacher. His name is Mr. Anderson. He’ll be leading the workshop.

Kid: Great. Can you remind me when the first workshop meeting will be?

Teacher: The first workshop meeting is scheduled for 30th September. Make sure to mark it on your calendar so you don’t forget.

Kid: Got it! I’ll make a note of it. Now, I was wondering where exactly the workshop will be held. Could you please let me know the room number?

Teacher: The workshop will take place in Room 34. It’s located on the first floor of the school building. You’ll find signs guiding you there on the first day.

Kid: That’s clear. Thank you for the information. Just one more thing, what should I bring on the first day?

Teacher: On the first day of the workshop, it would be great if you could bring a notebook and a pen. These will help take notes.

Kid: Alright, I’ll make sure to bring them with me. Lastly, can you give me a little more information about what we’ll be doing during the workshop?

Teacher: Absolutely! During the workshop, we’ll be exploring a variety of scientific topics and conducting exciting experiments. We’ll cover subjects like chemical reactions, physics experiments, biology dissections and even get to work on a fun group project.

Kid: That sounds awesome! I can’t wait to get started. Thank you so much for answering all my questions, Ms. Johnson.

Teacher: You’re welcome! I’m glad I could help. Get ready for an exciting and educational workshop experience!

Part III

Listen and write a letter in each box. There is one example.

Karen is telling Sophia about a meeting with some of her old school friends. Where does each person live now?

Karen: Hey, Sophia! I met up with some of my old school friends recently.

Sophia: That’s great, Karen! How are they doing?

Karen: Well, Sarah is doing fantastic. She now lives in Paris, France.

Sophia: Paris sounds amazing! What does she do there?

Karen: She’s living her dream as a fashion designer. She’s working on some incredible designs and loves being part of the fashion scene in Paris.

Karen: You remember Michael, right? He moved to Sydney, Australia.

Sophia: Oh, yes! What’s he up to there?

Karen: He’s thriving! He’s working as a marine biologist in Sydney, studying the rich marine life and enjoying the coastal beauty of Australia.

Karen: Emily is another friend I caught up with. She’s currently living in Tokyo, Japan.

Sophia: Tokyo must be fascinating! What’s she doing there?

Karen: She’s teaching English and embracing the vibrant culture of Tokyo. She loves immersing herself in the city’s traditions and exploring all the exciting opportunities it offers.

Karen: David, our finance enthusiast, now lives in New York City.

Sophia: Ah, the Big Apple! How’s he doing there?

Karen: He’s doing incredibly well! David works in a prestigious investment firm and enjoys the fast-paced, competitive atmosphere of New York City’s financial sector.

Karen: Sofia, the nature lover, moved to Cape Town, South Africa.

Sophia: Cape Town is stunning! What’s she involved in there?

Karen: Sofia is working for a nonprofit organization dedicated to wildlife conservation. She’s passionate about protecting endangered species and feels privileged to work in such a breathtaking natural environment.

Karen: Do you remember Alex? He’s now based in Vancouver, Canada.

Sophia: Vancouver is beautiful! What’s he pursuing there?

Karen: He’s living his filmmaking dreams. Alex is working in the vibrant film production industry in Vancouver, surrounded by picturesque landscapes that serve as perfect backdrops for his projects.

Sophia: That’s amazing!

Part IV

Listen and tick the box. There is one example.

How will Jane’s family travel?

Mum: Jane, guess what? We’ve decided to go on a holiday by train this time!

Jane: Really? That sounds exciting, Mum! I’ve always wanted to experience a train journey.

Mum: It will be a unique adventure for us. We’ll get to enjoy the scenic views and relax during the trip.

  1. What time will the train leave?

Jane: I’m so excited about our holiday trip! What time are we leaving tomorrow?

Mum: We’ll be leaving at 8:00 in the morning. The train departs at 9:30, so we’ll have plenty of time to get there and buy the tickets.

Jane: That’s great!

  1. How will Jane’s family travel to the train station?

Jane: Mum, how will we travel to the train station?

Mum: We’ll go by car. It’s about a 30-minute drive from our home.

Jane: That’s convenient. We won’t have to worry about carrying our luggage for long distances.

Mum: Exactly, dear. We’ll park the car at the station and then head towards the platform to catch our train.

  1. What food will they not take with them?

Mum: Jane, let’s pack some food for our train journey. What would you like to have?

Jane: Can we bring some sandwiches, fruit, and maybe some cookies or snacks?

Mum: That sounds like a good plan, except for the cookies. They have a lot of sugar. I’ll make sure we have a variety of food options to enjoy during the trip.

Jane: Okay Mum, as you say!

  1. What does Jane want to do during the train journey?

Jane: Mum, what are you and Dad planning to do during the train journey?

Mum: Well, your Dad wants to catch up on some work, so he’ll be bringing his laptop and documents to stay productive.

Dad: That’s right. I have a few pending tasks that I can work on during the journey.

Mum: As for me, I’ll bring a book and maybe even take a nap to relax and unwind. It’s a great opportunity to have some quiet time.

Mum: What are you planning to do, Jane?

Jane: I want to listen to music. I’ll bring my headphones to keep me entertained.

Mum: That’s a good idea. Just make sure you take a break.

  1. What is Jane going to do first when they get there?

Jane: Mum, what do you want to do once we arrive at our holiday destination?

Mum: We’re looking forward to exploring the local sights and attractions together as a family. We’ll plan activities that we can all enjoy. What do you want to do first?

Jane: I want to explore the nearby attractions, go for nature walks, and maybe even try some water sports if they’re available.

Mum: That sounds like a fantastic plan! We’ll make sure to enjoy every moment of our holiday and create wonderful memories together.

Part V

Listen and look at the picture.

There is one example.

This is a nice camping place. Can I colour the campfire?

Yes. Colour it yellow and orange.

Both colours?


Ok. Done.

  1. Can you colour the tent?

Which one?

The one on the left.

I see it. What colour?

Make it red.

  1. Look at the trees behind the tent. How many are they?

Which ones?

The Christmas trees.

Oh, okay. They are three.

Look on the right. There is another Christmas tree. Colour it green.

Okay. Do I colour the others too?

No, only this one.

  1. I want to do something brown.

Sure. Can you see the bear?


Well, colour it brown.


  1. Can you see the man in the picture?


Colour his T-shirt.

What colour?


  1. Look at that caravan.


Behind the man and the children.

I see it now.

Make it purple.


It’s a beautiful picture now.

Yes, it is.