Model Movers - Proba de Listening –
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Model Movers – Proba de Listening

V-am pregatit si un model de examen pentru proba de Listening – Movers!

Acesta poate fi descarcat de aici:

Descarca Proba de Listening – Movers

Fisierele audio pot fi descarcate de mai jos, pe parti:

Partea I – Listening

Partea a II-a – Listening

Partea a III-a – Listening

Partea a IV-a – Listening

Partea a V-a – Listening


Descarca raspunsurile Probei de Listening



Look at Part I.

Now look at the picture.

Listen and look, then choose the correct name.

This is an example.

This is a photo of my garden.

Who are all these people?

Can you see the woman in blue in the garden? That’s my aunt. Her name’s Charlotte.

What’s she doing?

She’s planting vegetables. We love eating them.


  1. Everyone in the garden’s very busy.

Yes. Can you see that man with blue hat?

Yes. Do you know him?

Yes, that’s Jonas.

He’s mowing the grass.


  1. Can you see that girl with blue shoes?

Yes, who is she?

That’s my sister, Lily.

She’s watering her flowers. They’re very nice.

Yes, they are.

  1. Who’s that in yellow?

The woman who’s feeding the birds?


That’s my grandma, Jane.

She looks very pretty.

Thank you.

  1. Who’s the man with the moustache?

That’s my uncle Tom.

What’s he doing?

He wants to go into fields with his tractor.


  1. The boy who’s digging is my classmate.

What’s he called?

His name’s Paul.

I like his jeans.

Yes, he likes to wear blue.

Part II

Listen and write. There is one example.

Mum. We have to write a story about an animal for school.

What’s yours about?

A monkey.

You like those, don’t you?

Yes. They’re my favourite.

  1. Is your story about a girl or boy monkey?

It’s about a boy.

  1. And how old is he?

He’s 14.

14? Like your brother!

  1. And what’s the monkey called?

His name is Gonzo.

Is that G-O-N-Z-O?

That’s right.

I like that name.

Me too.

  1. Does the monkey live in a jungle?

No. When he was a baby, a woman found him and took him home.

And where does she live?

She lives on a farm with her husband.

I see.

  1. What does the woman give the monkey to eat?

He likes nuts.

Really? Not bananas?

He likes bananas too, but nuts are his favourite.


  1. And what then?

Well, Gonzo wanted to see the jungle. So the woman took him there.

Did he like it there?

No, he didn’t. His family wasn’t there so he came back home.

The woman and her husband were very happy to see him.

That’s a great story.

Thanks, Mum.

Part III

Where did Aunt Tamara take each photo?

Listen and write a letter in each box. There is one example

Aunt Tamara shows Mattew some pictures from her holidays. Where did he take each photo?

Aunt Tamara: Hey, sweetie! Look at this beautiful picture. It’s a deer. Can you guess where I took it?

Nephew: Wow, Aunt Tamara! That’s amazing! Did you take it at the beach?

Aunt Tamara: Almost there, but not quite. I actually took it at a big waterfall in the mountains. Isn’t it awesome?

Dialogue 1:

Nephew: Aunt Tamara, what’s this picture of?

Aunt Tamara: Oh, it’s a temple. Where do you think I took this picture?

Nephew: Hmm, it looks like an old city. Is it in India?

Aunt Tamara: Very close! I actually took this picture in a big and exciting city called Tokyo. It’s in a faraway country!

Dialogue 2:

Aunt Tamara: Look at this lovely picture, sweetheart. These flowers are so beautiful.

Nephew: Oh, it’s so pretty! Did you take it in a garden?

Aunt Tamara: You’re right! I took this picture in a famous garden called Versailles. It’s in a beautiful country called France. It looks like a fairytale, doesn’t it?

Dialogue 3:

Aunt Tamara: Hey there, champ! Look at this picture. Can you guess where I took it?

Nephew: Wow, Aunt Tamara! The penguins are so cool! It’s so snowy. Did you take it in Antarctica?

Aunt Tamara: You’re absolutely right! This picture was taken in a freezing cold place called Antarctica. It’s a land of ice and snow where penguins live. They’re super cute!

Dialogue 4:

Aunt Tamara: Hey there, little buddy! Look at this awesome picture.

Nephew: Wow, Aunt Tamara! It’s a cute monkey.

Aunt Tamara: This picture was taken in a magical place called Borneo. It’s a forest with lots of amazing plants and animals.

Dialogue 5:

Nephew: Aunt Tamara, this picture is amazing! Where did you take it?

Aunt Tamara: I’m glad you like it, little buddy! Can you guess where it is?

Nephew: Hmm, it looks like a desert. Is it a famous desert?

Aunt Tamara: Great guess! But it’s actually a special desert called the Namib Desert in a place called Namibia. It has really tall, red hills made of sand.

Part IV

Listen and tick the box. There is one example.

What is Mary looking at?

Mary, what are you doing? Are you looking at that games app on your phone again?

No, Dad. I’m looking at pictures with animals on the internet on my tablet.

Oh, I see. Well, I’m in the kitchen reading my new book.


  1. What happened to John?

Are you OK, John? Is your belly hurting again?

No, that’s fine now, thank you Mr Street.

What’s the matter, then? Are you sad?

I’m not crying. I’ve got a cold. But I’m OK, thanks.


  1. Who is Ted’s teacher?

Ted, what’s your teacher like?

Well, he’s got a moustache.

And is he nice?

No, he is always angry and he wears really big glasses! It’s scary sometimes!

  1. What was the weather like on the beach?

Hello, Charlie. How was your holiday at the beach?

It was sunny most of the week. We just had one rainy day.

So, did you go to the beach every day?

Yes, it was very windy there but we had a great holiday.

  1. What is Micky good at?

Micky, do you want to go roller skating tomorrow?

Thanks, Joe. But I’m really bad at it.

Oh. What about tennis then?

I don’t know how to play that. But, I’m the best in my class at basketball. I’d love to play that with you tomorrow.

Okay, see you tomorrow then!

  1. Where was Tom’s hat yesterday?

Mum. I can’t find my hat. It was in the living room yesterday.

I’m sorry, Tom. Your brother took it and now he is at school.

What?!! That’s terrible!

I know but don’t worry, he is very careful with it.

Part V

Listen and look at the picture.

There is one example.

This is a nice classroom. Can I colour it?

  1. Can you see that boy with his hand up?


Colour his T-shirt.

What colour?

Red, I think.

  1. Now how about colouring a bench?

Which one?

Colour the one where the girl is doing her homework.

Pink is a good colour for that.


  1. Look at the schoolbag on the floor.

Do you want to colour that?

Yes. Do it green.

  1. I like that colour.
  1. Now I want to do something yellow.

Can you see the sun through the window?


Well, colour it yellow.


  1. Can you color the plant under the window?

How shall I color it?



  1. Those balloons are nice.

Yes. I’d like to colour them.

Okay. One purple and the rest of them make them blue.



Okay. What do you think?

It’s a beautiful picture now.