Model Movers - Proba de Reading and Writing –
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Model Movers – Proba de Reading and Writing

Proba de Reading and Writing a examenului Cambridge, nivelul Movers, contine:

– 6 parti

– 35 de intrebari

– durata: 30 de minute

Iata un model creat de noi, pentru a exersa acest tip de examen:

Reading and Writing – Movers

Reading and Writing – Movers – with answers


Part I – 5 questions

Look and read. Choose the correct words and write them on the lines. There is one example.

Example: You use this to communicate with people far away through voice and video calls. 

Answer: a smartphone


  1. You wear this on your head to listen to music without disturbing others.

Answer: headphones

  1. You use this to store and transfer data such as files and documents.

Answer: a USB flash drive

  1. This reptile is known for its ability to change color to match its surroundings.

Answer: a chameleon

  1. This large aquatic mammal is known for its playful nature and unique black and white markings.

Answer: a dolphin

  1. This famous landmark in Paris is known for its iconic iron lattice structure and offers a breathtaking view of the city.

Answer: the Eiffel Tower


Part II – 6 questions

Read the text and choose the best answer.


Samantha: When did you go on school trip, Jim?

Jim: a. It’s at 4 o’clock.

  1. Last Friday.
  2. It was very quick.


  1. Samantha: Did you visit the Zoo, Jim?

Jim: a. Yes, I visited.

b. To the amusement park.

c. Yes, I did.

  1. Samantha: Which teacher went with you?

Jim: a. She’s the best teacher.

b. Ms Jane.

c. She was there.

  1. Samantha: Who did you go with on the school trip, Jim?

Jim: a. I went with my family.

b. I went with my classmates and Ms Jane.

c. I went alone.

  1. Samantha: How long did the school trip last, Jim?

Jim: a. It lasted a whole weeks.

b. It lasted just a few hour.

c. Three days.

  1. Samantha: Did you enjoy the school trip, Jim?

Jim: a. Yes, it was amazing.

b. No, it was bored.

c. Yes, please.

  1. Samantha: Did you learn anything interesting about the animals from the Zoo?

Jim: a. Yes, we learnt about their habitats and diets.

b. No, we didn’t learn anything news.

c. The Zoo is closed now.


Part III – 6 questions

Read the story. Choose a word from the box. Write the correct word next to numbers 1–5. There is one example.

0 – forest

adventures, eyes, rabbit, trees, lonely, cat, nose, smartphone, dog

In the heart of a dense (0) forest, a (1) _______ fox named Finn wandered with a heavy heart. He longed for a companion to share his days and chase away the solitude that enveloped him. One fateful day, as the sun bathed the forest in a golden glow, Finn stumbled upon a timid (2)_______ named Rosie. Their (3) _______ met, and an instant connection sparked between them. Together, they explored the enchanted forest, their laughter echoing through the (4) _______. Finn and Rosie became inseparable, weaving a bond of friendship that healed their lonely hearts. The forest thrived with their playful (5) _______, reminding them that true companionship could be found in the most unexpected places.

  1. Now choose the best name for the story.

Tick one box:

a. The Lonely Rabbit

b. Captive Hearts: A Tale of Friendship in the Forest

c. A fun day for Rosie


Part IV – 5 questions

Read the text. Choose the right words and write them on the lines.


Penguins are flightless birds adapted to life in the water, primarily found in the Southern Hemisphere, including Antarctica. (1) They/Them/Their have a sleek and waterproof coat (2) of/on/at feathers, black on their backs and white (3) on/at/in their bellies for camouflage. Penguins are excellent swimmers, using their modified wings as flippers (4) for/at/to dive deep and hold their breath for extended periods. They primarily feed on fish, krill, and other small marine organisms, often hunting in groups. Penguins form colonies, exhibit social behaviors, and communicate through vocalizations and displays. During breeding season, they form monogamous pairs, incubate eggs, and regurgitate food to feed their chicks. Penguins face threats (5) on/like/for climate change, habitat destruction, overfishing, and pollution, necessitating conservation efforts.


Part V – 7 questions

Look at the pictures and read the story. Write some words to complete the sentences about the story. You can use 1, 2 or 3 words.

Tom’s house


Tom’s house was an old house from a quiet town.

Its faded paint, creaking floors, and overgrown garden gave it an air of mystery and intrigue.

In a quiet town, there stood an old house that had been the talk of the neighborhood for years. Its faded paint, creaking floors, and overgrown garden gave it an air of mystery and intrigue. Despite its neglected appearance, a young family saw the potential in this aging structure and decided to make it their new home.

With excitement and determination, they embarked on a journey to transform the old house into a warm and inviting space. They rolled up their sleeves and began with a fresh coat of paint, breathing new life into the weathered walls. The once-dingy rooms were filled with laughter and the sound of hammers and drills as they lovingly renovated each space.

  1. That old house had been the ________ of the neighborhood for years.
  2. The family saw the potential in the aging ________ and decided to make it their new home.
  3. With ________, they embarked on a journey to transform the old house into a warm and inviting space.

As they cleared away the cobwebs and dust, the family discovered hidden treasures within the house’s history. Old photographs, vintage furniture, and handwritten letters offered glimpses into the lives of those who had inhabited the house before them. These artifacts became cherished pieces that told a story of the past.

The family’s creativity and resourcefulness knew no bounds. They repurposed old doors into charming tables, and antique windows were transformed into beautiful frames for family portraits. The garden, once wild and untamed, became a lush oasis of colorful flowers and vibrant greenery.

  1. They discovered hidden ________ within the house’s history, such as old photographs and handwritten letters.
  2. The family’s creativity knew no bounds as they repurposed old doors into ________ tables and antique windows into beautiful frames.

Neighbours couldn’t help but notice the remarkable transformation taking place. The old house that had once been a topic of gossip and speculation now stood as a shining example of love, dedication, and the power of a family’s vision.

In time, the house became more than just a physical structure; it became a symbol of hope and renewal. The family’s efforts had not only breathed new life into the old house, but they had also brought newfound joy and purpose into their own lives. They had created a haven where memories were made, friendships flourished, and dreams were nurtured.

  1. Neighbours couldn’t help but notice the ________ transformation taking place.
  2. The house became a symbol of ________ and renewal, where memories were made and dreams were nurtured.


Part VI – 6 questions

Look and read and write.

One of the cows is eating some grass.

Where are the three cows? in the field.

Complete the sentences:

  1. The farmer is driving a ________.
  2. The chicken is on the ________.

Answer the questions:

  1. What is the boy in T-shirt doing?
  2. What is the weather like?

Now write two sentences about the picture.