Model Movers - Proba de Speaking –
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Model Movers – Proba de Speaking

Am creat un model de test si pentru Proba de Speaking – nivelul Movers.

Acesta poate fi descarcat de mai jos:

Proba de Speaking – Movers

Mai jos este forma scrisa:

Speaking – Movers

The candidate enters the room.

Hello. My name’s Ms Johnson.

Hello. I’m Jane.

How old are you, Jane?


  1. Now look at these pictures. They look the same, but some things are different.

Movers Speaking Picture 1

Movers Speaking Picture 2

Here is a clock but there is no clock.

What other different things can you see?

Describes four other differences:

  • • sandwich/burger
  • • a girl is served / a boy is served
  • • blonde hair / red hair
  • • a glass of juice / no glass of juice

In the first picture, the girl who is drinking juice has a sandwich on the plate.

In the second picture, the girl has a burger.

In the first picture, there is a girl who is waiting to be served.

In the second picture, there is a boy.

In the first picture, there is a blonde girl with pigtails. 

In the second picture, there is a red-haired girl with pigtails.

In the first picture, there is a glass of juice on the table.

In the second picture, there is no glass of juice.

  1. Now look at these pictures. They show a story. It’s called ‘Adventures in the Forest’.

Look at the pictures first. (Pause)

Look at the first one. Mary (the red-haired girl), her sister Emma and their friend Charlie are in the forest. Mary and Emma are reading a map. Charlie set up the tent.

Now you tell the story. (pointing at the other pictures)

Emma found sticks in the forest to make a campfire.

Charlie successfully lit the fire, and the girls are happy. They are preparing marshmallows.

Mary goes to search for more sticks and encounters a bunny in the forest. Meanwhile, Emma is taking care of the fire.

  1. The examiner shows the candidate Odd-one-out pictures.

Now look at these four pictures.

One is different. The pear is different.

A carrot, a tomato and an onion are vegetables. You use them to cook. The pear is a fruit. You can eat it as it is.  

Now you tell me about these pictures. Which one is different? (Why?)

The candidate suggests a difference (any plausible difference is acceptable).

The clothes are dirty. These ones are clean.

We can eat the sandwich, the pizza and the fries, but we can’t eat the pencil. We use it to write or draw things.

These are shorts. We can wear them with a T-shirt and a cap.

The apple is a fruit.


  1. The Examiner puts away all pictures.

The examiner puts away all pictures.

Now let’s talk about things you like.

What drink do you like best for breakfast?

Possible answers: milk, juice.

What’s your favourite meal?

Possible answers: Pizza, pasta, fries …

Tell me about your best friend.

Possible answer: His name’s Joe. He’s got brown hair and green eyes.

OK, thank you, *.