Phrasal Verbs 2 - continuare –
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Phrasal Verbs 2 – continuare

Asa cum v-am promis in articolul anterior despre „phrasal verbs”, va transmitem in continuare mai multe exemple de verbe cu prepozitii neseparabile, urmand ca, in urmatoarele articole, sa abordam si celelalte tipuri de „phrasal verbs” (separabile, intranzitive si verbe formate din trei cuvinte)

Vă rugam, de asemenea, să ne transmiteti parerile și dorintele voastre, pentru a ști exact ce teme din gramatica limbii engleze ați dori sa abordam.

Examples of inseparable phrasal verbs:

  • abide by (to follow the rules, to respect law)

I’ll have to abide by her decision.

  • account for (to explain)

He has to account for the money spent on those things.

  • act on (start doing something because you have received the information or advice)

Tom acted on the instructions of his leader and made a good decision.

  • act out (someone acts out an event, he or she tries to show how the things were done by pretending to be the one who had seen it or had done it)

The police officer asked the victim to act out the accident.

  • act out (2) (when someone expresses feelings through behaviour)

Charles was acting up his anger in agressive way.

  • act up ( to behave badly)

John has split the milk on the floor, he is acting up again!

  • look into (investigate)

The doctor will look into the test results carefully to find out the reason why she is ill.

  • run across (find by chance)

I ran across my old roommate photo while I was checking some old papers.

  • run into (meet)

Today I ran into an old friend that I haven’t seen for years.

  • take after (resemble)

My daughter seems to take after her mother.

  • wait on (serve)

It was weird to see my boss waiting on tables in that restaurant.

Nu uitați sa urmăriți continuarea în articolul următor.