Usage of Preposition "at" in English - Folosirea prepoziției "at" în limba engleză –
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Usage of Preposition “at” in English – Folosirea prepoziției “at” în limba engleză

De exemplu, spunem: I’ll be home, ori I’ll be at home?

Sau What are you doing at the weekend? ori What are you doing in the weekend?

Va propun să facem lumina deplină astăzi în ceea ce privește prepoziția AT.


  • Folositi „at” pentru a spune unde se află cineva sau ceva, sau unde s-a întâmplat o acțiune. (use it to express a location, where a person or a thing is or where the action happens)

 Să vedem:

At the corner of our street

We changed the underground at Unirii.

My wife arrived late at the station.

At the crossing take left.

Don’t call him, he is at home with the children.

My mother is at Mary’s. (at Mary’s house).

We saw those children at the hospital.

There were a lot of young people at the theatre?

  • Folositi „at” pentru a spune unde lucrați sau studiați, dvs sau altcineva. (use it to express the place, firm, company where you or somebody else works or studies).

I have worked at the post office.

My daughter is at Sibiu University (she studies there).


  • Folositi „at” pentru a arăta timpul, momentul în care se întâmplă ceva. (Use it to express the time or the moment when an action takes place).

We start school at 8 o’clock.

We use to go to the mountain at the end of the week.

My grandparents woke at dawn.

I was cleaning the house at the time of speaking.

He writes at night.

Are you working at the weekend?


  • Folositi „at” pentru a exprima vârsta la care s-a făcut ceva sau s-a întâmplat ceva. (Use it to state the age at which something was done or happened).

I started school at 6.

I married at 21.

I had my first child at 23.


  • Folositi „at” pentru a exprima o direcție. (Express a direction).

He is looking at me.

The burgler pointed the weapon at us.

The boy throws the stone at this friend.


  • Folositi „at” după verb pentru a exprima o încercare pe care o face cineva, dar nu are succes, sau pentru a arăta că ceva se face parțial. (After the verb use „at” to express that you or other person try to do something, but without success, or partly does something).

The old lady held at the banisters (balustrade) as she fell.

Tom has just bitten at a sandwich and left.

Use it to state the distance from something.

The car stopped at a step length.

Can you see the bus number at 30 metres?


  • Folositi „at” pentru a exprima o situație în care se afla cineva sau ceva. (Use „at” to express the situation of somebody/something).

Their country was at war those times.

The student felt at a disadvantage. The teacher was at lunch.


  • Folositi „at” pentru a exprima o scară, gradatie, rată, esalonare, viteză… (use it to express a rate, speed…)

I am driving at 130 kmh.

The participants entered the room at two-minute intervals.

Prices start at 2 Euros. They are cheap.

All goods retail at 100 Euros.


  • Folositi „at” pentru a arăta că cineva sau ceva lucrează sau face ceva la cea mai înaltă sau slabă capacitate. Cineva sau ceva este atât de bun sau slab cât poate el fi. (Use it to express that some one or something is as good or as bad as he or it can be).

This is our teacher at her best.

Bucharest at its most beautiful in May.


  • Folositi „at” urmat de adjective pentru a exprima cât de bine cineva face ceva. (Use „at” with adjectives to express how well somebody does an action or something).

I’m good at speaking.

I am not good at counting. I am not good at teaching..


  • Folositi „at” tot cu adjective pentru a exprima cauza unei situații. (Use it with adjectives to express the cause of something).

Your parents were upset at your failure.

Mom was delighted at my marks.


  • Folositi „at” ca la răspunsurile date unei invitații… (Use preposition „at” in response to something)

They attended the meeting at the CEO’s invitation.


În engleza americană se folosește „at” și pentru a da cuiva un număr de telefon. (Use it when you want to give a telephone number).

Call me at 622 -4343!

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