Replacing verbs with nouns –
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Replacing verbs with nouns

Better formal report?

Transform verb phrases into noun phrases and you will write a better formal report!

Let’s see some examples!

We added salt and the stored product didn’t spoil. (Personal speaking – there are two clauses)

The addition of salt avoided the stored product spoilage. (Formal, less personal, it’s only about the topic, one clause)

Add → addition

Spoil →  spoilage

Step by step, people from different cultures, mix together in our country.

The country faces a gradual mixture of cultures.

Mix → mixture

Produce   → production

We have produced more new educational software programmes this year.

The production of new educational software programmes has increased this year.

Other examples:

  • Measure   → measurement
  • Satisfy → satisfaction
  • Conclude → conclusion
  • Arrange → arrangement
  • Analyse → analysis


There are verbs with the same form as the nouns.

  • Increase → increase
  • Release → release
  • Change → change


People changed their eating behaviour which led to a higher nutritional quality of their every day food.

The change in people eating behaviour led to a higher nutritional quality of their diet.


Use of preposition in and of when there are two nouns

  • The mixture of two colours resulted in the new colour.
  • An increase in production will lead to a better profit.