Separable Phrasal Verbs 2 - continuare –
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Separable Phrasal Verbs 2 – continuare

In acest articol continuam lectia cu „separable phrasal verbs”, despre care am discutat in articolul anterior.

Iata alte exemple:

  • fill out (complete a form = a completa un formular)

Fill this application out to rent the apartment you wish for.

  • fill up (fill to capacity = a face plinul, a umple)

She filled the car up with gas.

  • figure out (to have comprehension of something = a-si da seama)

He left the party without telling me and I can’t figure it out why!

  • find out (discover = a descoperi)

My sister found out that her daughter got a tattoo.

He found me out doing a bad thing!

  • freak out (to panic, to get mad = a se panica, a se enerva)

My husband behaviour freaks me out sometimes.

  • give away (give something to someone else for free = a da ceva gratis cuiva)

Nancy gave all of her furniture away and bought another.

  • give back (return an object = a returna)

He gave me back the pen I borrowed him few days ago.

  • hand in (submit something (assignment))

The students handed their homeworks in and left the classroom.

  • hang up (put something on hook or receiver = a pune ceva in cuier)

Don’t forget to hang up your clothes when you tidy your room. (or: Don’t forget to hang your clothes up when you tidy your room)

  • hold up (1) (delay = a opri, a intarzia)

The accident held traffic up for more than 2 hours.

  • hold up (2) (rob = a jefui)

Two masked gunmen held up the Security Bank this afternoon.

  • leave out (omit = a omite)

You left out the best parts of the story. (or: He left the best parts of the story out.)

  • look over (examine, check = a verifica)

The teacher looked the papers over carefully before questioning the student.

  • look up (search in a list = a cauta intr-o lista sau intr-un dictionar)

You misunderstood this word. You’d better look it up!

  • make up (invent a story or lie = a inventa)

She made up lies about me to save herself.

She made it up to save herself.

  • make out (hear, understand = a auzi, a intelege)

He said something but he was too far so we couldn’t make it out!

  • pick out (choose = a alege)

That dress is perfect for tonight’s party. Pick it out!

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