Separable Phrasal Verbs 3 –
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Separable Phrasal Verbs 3

In articolul de astazi va vom prezenta ultimele exemple cu “separable phrasal verbs”:

  • pick up (lift something off something else = a ridica)

I’ve already asked the children to pick their toys up from the floor.

  • put away (save or store = a economisi)

We put money away for holiday.

  • put off (postpone = a amana)

My boss cannot arrive to the meeting today. Can we put it off until tomorrow?

  • put on (put clothing on the body = a imbraca)

Your jacket is there, make sure you put it on before you go outside.

  • put out (extinguish = a stinge)

The firefighters put out the house fire in less than one hour.

  • read over (peruse = a reciti)

I read the essay over, but I couldn’t find any mistake.

  •  set up (to arrange = a aranja)

Our house looks great! My wife set it up the way she liked.

  • take down (make a written note = a nota)

Can you take down my messages while I am on holiday, please?

  • take off (remove clothing = a-si scoate hainele, a dezbraca)

He took off his shirt because it was too hot.

  • talk over (discuss = a discuta)

Let’s talk the problem over like adults.

  • throw away (discard = a risipi)

Don’t throw your money away!

  • try on (put clothing on to see if it fits = a incerca, a proba)

She tried on a lot of dresses before she found one she liked.

  • try out (test = a testa)

I tried out four cars before I could find one that pleased me.

  • turn down (lower volume = a da volumul mai incet)

Your radio is very noisy! Please turn it down.

  • turn down (2) (reject = a respinge)

She turned down the new job because she didn’t want to move to Paris.

  • turn up (raise the volume = a creste volumul)

Turn up the radio, I can’t hear what they are saying!

  • turn off (switch off electricity = a intrerupe, a opri curentul electric)

We turned the lights off and went to sleep.

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