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Simulare – Proba de Speaking – Flyers

Simularea pentru Proba de Flyers este gata! Am creat-o special pentru cei care se pregatesc pentru examenul Cambride, nivelul A2 (Flyers). Aceasta simulare contine posibile intrebari care ii pot fi adresate candidatului de catre examinator, dupa structura examenului Cambridge. Mai jos este disponibil fisierul pentru descarcare:

Text Simulare Proba de Speaking

The candidate enters the room.

Examiner: Hello. My name’s Ms Johnson.

Candidate: Hello.

Examiner: What’s your name?

Candidate: Fred.

Examiner: What’s your surname?

Candidate: Anderson.

Examiner: How old are you, Fred?

Candidate: Nine.

  1. Find the differences

Examiner: Now, here are two pictures. My picture is nearly the same as yours, but some things are different.

For example, in my picture, there are two children: a boy and a girl, but in your picture, there is only one child: a boy. OK?

examiners copy flyers


candidates copy flyers


I’m going to say something about my picture. You tell me how your picture is different.

Examiner: In my picture, the guitar is yellow.

Candidate: In my picture it’s red.

Examiner: In my picture, the sun is between the mountains.

Candidate: In my picture, it’s on the right side.

Examiner: In my picture, there is an axe stuck in a tree stump.

Candidate: In my picture, there isn’t any axe.

Examiner: In my picture, there’s a hot-air balloon on the left.

Candidate: In my picture, the hot-air balloon is on the right.

Examiner: In my picture, there is a tree near the yellow tent.

Candidate: In my picture, there isn’t any tree near the yellow tent.

Examiner: In my picture, there is a fox in front of the blue tent.

Candidate: In my picture, there is a rabbit.

  1. Information Exchange

Examiner: Jonas and Nataly have both got new hobbies. I don’t know anything about Fred’s hobby, but you do. So I am going to ask you some questions.

information exchange candidate

  • What is Jonas’s new hobby?

Candidate: It’s photography.

  • Where does he do it?

Candidate: He does photography in various locations such as parks, mountains, and urban areas.

  • What does he wear?

Candidate: He wears a white T-shirt, blue jeans and red shoes.

  • When does he do it?

Candidate: He does it in his free time.

  • Why does he like it?

Candidate: He likes it because he can capture beautiful moments.

Examiner: Now you don’t know anything about Nataly’s new hobby, so you ask me some questions.

information exhange examiner copy

Candidate: What is Nataly’s new hobby?

Examiner: Her new hobby is playing the guitar.

Candidate: When does she do it?

Examiner: She does it on Sundays.

Candidate: Where does she do it?

Examiner: In her living room.

Candidate: What does she wear?

Examiner: She wears a red T-shirt and jeans.

Candidate: Why does she like it?

Examiner: It’s relaxing and therapeutic.

  1. Picture Story

Examiner: These pictures tell a story. It’s called ‘ The Bus Breakdown’. Just look at the pictures first.

Jane and her brother, Henry, are going to school. They are waiting for the bus. Henry’s saying, ‘The bus is not coming. What do we do?’

Now you tell the story.

the bus breakdown story


Candidate: The bus doesn’t show up so the children are walking to school.

When they arrived at school, they found out the bus had a flat tire and the other children were unable to reach school. They were happy because their classes were cancelled, but the children on the bus were very sad.

After a few hours, the bus took the children home.

  1. Personal Questions

Examiner: Now let’s talk about you.

What’s your hobby?

Candidate: Painting.

Examiner: Why do you like painting?

Candidate: It helps me to relax and also to express my emotions.

Examiner: What’s your favourite sport?

Candidate: Football.

Examiner: Tell me about your house. Is it big or small?

Candidate: It’s big.

Examiner: What colour is it?

Candidate: It’s white.

Examiner: What’s it got in it?

Candidate: It’s got three bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen and a living room.


Examiner: OK, thank you, *. Goodbye, Fred.

Candidate: Goodbye.