Simulare Proba de Speaking - Movers –
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Simulare Proba de Speaking – Movers

Iata un model de Simulare a Probei de Speaking pentru examenul Movers (A1).

Acesta poate fi vazut dand click pe imaginea de mai sus sau poate fi descarcat de aici:

Simulare Proba de Speaking – Movers

Acest model este creat de noi dupa structura examenului Cambridge pentru nivelul Movers.

The candidate enters the room.

Examiner: Hello. My name’s Ms Johnson.

Candidate: Hello. I’m Matt.

Examiner: How old are you, Matt?

Candidate: Eleven.

  1. Examiner: Now look at these pictures. They look the same, but some things are different.

Here is a nightside, but there it is not.

What other different things can you see?

picture 1 movers



Matt: In the first picture, a cat is sleeping on a pillow.

In the second picture, the cat is missing.

In the first picture, a baby is playing with some toys.

In the second picture, the baby is crawling.

In the first picture, there is a robot next to the box with toys. 

In the second picture, there is no robot next to the box.

In the first picture, on the left side, there is a scooter.

In the second picture, the scooter is between the baby and the box with toys.

  1. Examiner: Now look at these pictures. They show a story. It’s called ‘Activities in the Garden’.

Look at the pictures first. (Pause)

Look at the first one. Jane and her mother, Emma, are planting a tree. Tamara is digging.

Now you tell the story. (pointing at the other pictures)


Matt: This is Tom, Emma’s husband. He is mowing the grass. A bird is flying above him.

Grandpa is planting some flowers with his nephews. They look happy.

Grandma is watering the flowers with Mary. It’s a large family. All of them work with passion.

  1. The examiner shows the candidate Odd-one-out pictures.

Examiner: Now look at these four pictures.

One is different. The tiger is different.

The dog, the cat and the horse are domestic animals, they interact with people, while the tiger is a wild animal, it does not rely on humans for his survival.

Now you tell me about these pictures. Which one is different? (Why?)

The candidate suggests a difference (any plausible difference is acceptable):

These T-shirts are wet. This one is dry.

We can drink milk, juice and water, but we cannot drink shampoo because shampoo is designed for washing hair, not for consumption.

The raspberries, strawberries, and kiwi are fruit, they can be eaten. But we cannot eat the book. The book can be read.

  1. The Examiner puts away all pictures.

Examiner: Now let’s talk about things you like.

What sport do you like?

Matt: Football.

Examiner: What’s your favourite meal?

Matt: Pizza.

Examiner: Tell me about your mother.

Matt: Her name’s Penelope. She’s got brown hair and green eyes. She is very nice and friendly.

Examiner: OK, thank you. Goodbye, Matt.

Matt: Goodbye.