The preposition "ABOUT" –
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The preposition “ABOUT”

About înseamnă:


  1. „despre” (‘on the subject of’, ‘concerning of’).
  • This book is about love.
  • I care about my students.
  • She cares about her family.


  1. a) „aproximativ” (‘approximately’).
  • I have about 100 euro in my wallet.
  • I have about 2 miles to get there.


     b) o estimare ”în mare” (rough estimate)


  • There are about 15 children in the class.
  • It was about 8 o’clock.
  • My teacher is about fifty years old.


  1. ”About” se referă la mișcare în diferite directii sau la o poziție (refers to movement/position)
  • The people were running about. (The people were running in various directions.)
  • Tim’s toys are lying about the room. (in various places)


  1. About înseamnă și aproape sau în apropiere (means near/nearby)
  • Do you see anybody about? ( nearby)
  • There is nobody about to help me carrying these bags.


  1. about înseamnă și „în legătură cu” (In connection with)
  • Let’s have a discussion about our projects
  • I told mom everything about it.


  1. Expressions with about are used to ask for people’s opinion regarding something.

       How about …..?

       What about…..?

  • How about going to the seaside?
  • What about going for a walk?
  • In timp ce facem asta: While we are about it.


  1. About și on sunt uneori sinonime, însă există o mică diferență: (About and onhave similar meanings.)
  • The children talk aboutthe dynosaurs. About is used for ordinary communication.
  • It is an article onChemistry. On is used for a more serious or academic communication.


  1. Phrasal verbs
  • go about (to deal with something, to do something that you normally do)

People were going about their usual activities after the earthquake.

  • lay about someone ( to attack someone)

The robbers laid about the police officers and many of them got injured.

  • lie about (here about has similar meaning with around: to spend a lot of time relaxing)

My kids lie about / around watching TV all day.

  • put about (to tell lies about someone, to deceive)

Jane has been putting it about me that I am ill.

  • see about (to deal with or organize something)

We have to go and see about this new offer.

  • set about something ( to begin doing something)

 They set about organizing a trip for their children.

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