The preposition "IN" –
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The preposition “IN”

The preposition “IN” has many meanings:

  • in = INSIDE

The children are in bed.

I got stuck in here for two hours.

I’d like to buy the dress in the window.

I’ve got something in my hand.

We live in Bucharest, Romania.

My mother lives in a small appartment.

What’s going on in your head?

My brother is still in school.

My daughter is always looking at herself in the mirror.

What’s the best pizza in town?

I am in my daughter’s room, what a mess!

The salt in the soup makes it uneatable.

My  father’s in hospital.

  • in = into

Get in the car!  (in = into)

Put the sandwich in the schoolbag, please! (in = into)

  • in = being a part of something

I played guitar in a rock band.

I’ve been waiting in this queue for ages.

What do you look for in a relationship?

You have used beautiful methafors  in this essay, great job!

I see a great doctor in you!

  • in = DURING

We start school in September.

The Eastern is in spring.

I graduated in 1993.

We live in the 21st century.

I come back home late in the evening.

She was a brilliant gymnast in her youth (= when she was young).

How many civilians died in the Vietnam War?

This is the first cigarette I’ve had in three years.

I haven’t had such a great meal in years.

  • In between

I do exercises în the morning, in the evening, and sometimes in between.

  • In + time = NO MORE THAN that time

Can we finish cooking this meal in two hours?

She could get that essay done in a couple of hours if she really tried.

Sushi will be ready in 20 minutes.

I’ll bewith you in half an hour.


The entire planet watched in horror how the two airplanes crashed during the show.

I’d like to talk to you in private, please.

He always talks in a whisper.


  • in =  as a RESULT

He’d like to help her in return for everything she has done for him.

We did it  in response to your requests.


The children are playing in a circle.

Children, we go in rows of two.

Cut the apple in two and give your brother a half.

  • „in”  refers to age, temperature

Simona was in her early twenties  when she won the contest.

Temperatures will be in the twenties (degrees).

  • „in”  refers to the idea of being involved

I didn’t know you work in education.

I have a diploma in medical science.

  • „in”  refers to WEARING

Do you see the lady in red?

All the children are in uniform.

  • „in”  refers to some parts form a whole

One in ten children has problems în the family.

  • „in”  refers to CHARACTERISTIC

The old version is better in every aspect than the new one.

  • „in”  refers to a CAUSE

In refusing to study harder, she missed an excellent job opportunity.

  • „in” is also used to describe where someone or something is located

I am in my room if you need something.

She is in the hospital, have you visited her?

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