The preposition "TO" –
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The preposition “TO”

To  – one of the most used prepositions in English – is:

  1. a part of the infinitives: to understand

Infinitives can be combined with other verbs such as hope, arrange, want, etc.

I want to finish this exercise.
Father hopes to have a new car.
My mother arranges to stay at the best hotel in Bucharest.

  1. used to show Infinitive of Purpose to mean in order to.

For example:

I spent some time (in order) to finish the project.

  1. used as a preposition of movement or direction. ‘To’ , ‘at’ or ‘in’ are not always very clear -at and in indicates place while  to  indicates  movement, direction to a place).

I work in Bucharest and live in Ploiesti.

I meet my daughter at the mall for shopping.  

I am at school.

I drive to Bucharest every morning.

  1. used to show time like we use the time expressions ’till’, ‘until’.

My father worked to 6 and then came home
The boys studied to 8 and then went out.

Use of ‘From’….’To’….. Time Expressions

We indicate starting time and the finishing time with the pair:  ‘from’  …. ‘to’ ……

I always work from nine to five o’clock.
She works in the store from nine to eleven.

  1. used in some Phrasal Verbs
  • object to something: Mother objected to the way I acted.
  • get to something: Wait a minute, we’ll get to that matter soon.
  • look forward to something: I look forward to seeing you soon.
  • boil down to something: Everything boils down to this conclusion: We need to do more.
  • appeal to someone: That furniture really appeals to me.


  1. used in linking Phrases With ‘To’ – to link ideas, often at the beginning of a sentence.

To a great extent – we show that something is mostly true.

To a great extent, we have finished the projects.
I and my parents understand each other to a great extent.

To some extent – we show that something is partially true.

To some extent, I and my boss understand each other.
The city hall is guilty to some extent.

To begin/start with –  we introduce the first thing in a discussion.

To begin with, let’s see the test results.
To start with, I’d like to congratulate all of you for these great results.

To sum up – we sumarise a discussion.

To sum up, we need to extend the business online.


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