Verb phrases with prepositions –
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Verb phrases with prepositions

  1. depend on = a depinde de

You can study medicine or law, it depends on what you want to do in your life.

  1. succeed in = a avea succes

We have succeeded in finishing the product because the entire team worked with passion.

  1. pay attention to = a fi atent la

Please pay attention to each contract term, it’s too important to miss something.

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  • rely on = a se baza pe (ceva sau cineva)

We can’t rely on his help because he is too small, just a child.

  1. pick up on = a reveni într-o discuție la ceva ce doar s-a amintit

I’d like to pick up on something very important that you said at the beginning of the discussion.

Don’t pick me up on my grammar, please!

  1. have a talent for = a avea talent

He has always painted marvellous, he has a real talent for it.

  1. think about = a se gândi la

You don’t know what university to choose. Think about all your talents then pick something you want to go further with.

  1. have access to = a avea acces la

I don’t have access to the project data so I can’t help you.

  1. comment on = a comenta

I’d like to comment on this article, I think there is something more to say.

  1. pride (itself) on = = a se mândri în privința unor rezultate

Global Learning prides itself on the quality of its services.

  1. count on = a conta pe

My grandmother can count on her husband, he is always there for her.

  1. agree on = a se pune de acord asupra a ceva

Everybody agreed on this new strategy.

  1. agree with = a fi de acord cu

We all agreed with his words.

  1. confuse with = a transmite confuzie
    = a confunda

I hope I don’t confuse you with my examples.

I confused her with her mother.

  1. confide in = share secrets and feelings with someone you trust = a te încrede în, a avea încredere în cineva

You tell her almost everything about you, are you sure you can confide in her?

  1. result in = a rezulta în ceva (a avea un anume rezultat)

All this work resulted in a great success.

  1. contend with = a lupta contra

We had to contend with great competitors those times, we couldn’t always win.

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