Verbs and nouns with the same form –
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Verbs and nouns with the same form

  1. decrease
  • The employment rate has decreased a lot lately.
  • Since the schools were closed we’ve noticed a decrease in the number of students attending the online classes.
  1. record
  • I won’t be able to attend the course tomorrow. Can you record it for me, please?
  • He has a long criminal record and still, he got free last week.
  1. desert
  • Many soldiers deserted last night and nobody knows how.
  • I crossed a huge area in the desert in a week.
  1. import
  • Romania has imported a large number of cars from Germany.
  • Unfortunately, we don’t have any import licence.
  1. permit
  • If you don’t know the secret word, they won’t permit you to enter the party.
  • Do we need a permit to live or to work in the UK?
  1. access
  • You need a card to access that building.
  • Do we have free access to all these online courses?
  1. address
  • The President addressed a few words to the journalists, then he went away.
  • Please write down your entire address.
  1. function
  • My laptop doesn’t function properly. I have to buy a new one.
  • One of the Board’s most important function is to assure the future direction of the corporation.
  1. auction
  • Our goods will be auctioned tomorrow.
  • We are going to sell many goods at the auction tomorrow.
  1. balance
  • Let’s take some measures to balance our budget.
  • Redressing the balance is the main purpose of these measurements.
  1. benefit
  • How can we benefit from this deal?
  • She was thinking of her own benefit when she sold the company.
  1. charge
  • How much money do you charge for this course?
  • His father was arrested on a charge of theft.
  1. credit
  • They credited my account with $30.
  • I got no credit for my work.
  1. control
  • If you can’t control your temper, you’ll face problems in the future.
  • The invaders took control of the lands.
  1. delay
  • Can you delay the payment one more week, please?
  • We have to solve the problem with no delay.
  1. estimate
  • The specialists estimate that the weather will be bad this winter.
  • Don’t send a rough estimate, please, I need something exact.
  1. guide
  • Can you guide me through the phone?
  • We need a guide for our journey.
  1. handle
  • I thought she can handle that situation.
  • We need to change the door handle, this one doesn’t work any more.
  1. offer
  • What can you offer us to stay?
  • We have a new offer for that house.