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Affirmative sentence is used with negative tag, while negative sentence is used with affirmative tag, at the end of the sentence. He could have bought something to eat, couldn't he? I think it’s time. We must leave now, mustn’t we? Your son is collecting stamps, isn't he?

The place of “also” in a sentence

Grammatically, "also" can stay in different places in a sentence and be correct, but... the place of "also" is important regarding the meaning and the emphasis of the sentence. The purpose of also is to join two ideas. Let's say  the first idea is that "I think something"

How do you conjugate the verb? Plural / singular?

Plural or singular? The subject expresses how many people? One person or … Mother and father have gone to the market. The cat and the dog do not love each other. My teacher and friend is a wonderful person. The team leader and the deputy were against the new project. Each person has rights. Each child brings huge value to the family. Neither Jane nor John has passed the exam. Either Mom or Dad has called you. Neither Grandpa nor…

To or For

We use TO when we talk about a destination, what time it is, a distance - final point, when we compare something, when we give or explain something to someone and when we express a reason of an action, a purpose given with a verb. I am going to Berlin It’s ten minutes to twelve There are 2 km from the center of the town to the stadion. I always prefer meat to cheese. I offered some beautiful flowers to my teacher. I called to hear your voice.

Used to / get used to …

Just a little English: I used to do / I’m used to doing / Get used to doing Dupa articolul ce prezenta lectia “used to”, iata alte cateva diferente care merita clarificate. 1. I used to use my old laptop to help me in class, but now I use a new one. Obisnuiam sa folosesc vechiul laptop pentru a ma ajuta la ore, dar acum folosesc unul nou. Este important sa intelegem ca s-a intamplat in trecut, acum nu mai…